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O Hai!

I’m back, bitches!

And, well, in 24 hours or so I’ll be gone again, bitches!

(Dys actually advocated signing our friends’ wedding card with “Have a happy life together, bitches!”  It would have owned.  Seriously.  But we chickened out.  Okay, mostly I chickened out, because I envisioned them opening the cards in front of family.)

We walked so goddamned much that we would have lost weight if we weren’t also eating like pigs.  We now officially have at least one, if not two, or maybe three, favorite restaurants in San Francisco.  (And we didn’t even go into the Irish pub just across the street since Boy was with us.)

I spent most of the time carrying a backpack that included some combination of water bottles, camera (and zoom lens), Boy’s 500-page guide to his favorite game (his most favorite book ever), and of course a mix of approximately 647 brochures, city guides, and BART schedules.

I read two novels cover-to-cover (Heather:  Fool and Bite Me.  We will talk.  🙂 ), not including newspapers and a couple of chapters of Dys’s book she bought from the specialty-SF-and-horror bookstore in the Mission.  (Just down from the Pirate Store, which had closed before we got there.  Bummer.)

We think we rode every single form of public transportation SF had to offer, to wit:  a) BART, b) cable car, c) streetcar, d) bus, e) Caltrain.

We got yelled at by drunk dudes in the Mission who wanted to charge Dys for taking photos of a mural.  We saw street performers with talent that would make you weep.  We were accosted by approximately 347.5 panhandlers.  Per hour.  (Boy had lots and lots of questions.)

I fake-shanked Boy in the rec yard of Alcatraz with a rolled-up poster of a samurai suit of armor he got from the Asian Art Museum.

Most importantly, we saw two of our dearest friends married on a picture-perfect day.  I’ve never seen the officiant at a wedding get choked up before.  I did on Saturday.

There are lots and lots and LOTS of pics to share.  We damn near filled up an 8GB photo card.  Taking pics in JPG mode, not RAW.  900+ shots.  Yeah.  Problem is, I leave tomorrow for Chicago, and Dys is now a week behind in work and thrown right back into the meat grinder, so it may be a while before we can share them.

In the meantime – good to be back.  For a little while.   I’ll try a little bit of the hopeless task of catching up on all my blog reading.  Bear with me, I’ll get around to yours sooner or later.  In the meantime:  What’d I miss?

Happy belated b-day to you, Bad Pants!  I did catch that much in the Twitter traffic…


10 Responses

  1. What did you miss? A volcano in Iceland, Apple lost the 4G iPhone in a bar and Gizmodo found it (and took lots and lots of pictures), a twitter meem that suggest that the only way to stop the volcano in Iceland is to throw Justin Bieber into it (my personal favorite), and international sporting events around the world are farked up due to not throwing Justin Bieber into a volcano. yet.

    I’d gladly throw that little punk into a volcano to save the Japanese MotoGP race, but too late – postponed until October.

    I’m SO GLAD all my flights were domestic. Holy crap.

  2. I want to get married again so I can get a card from you guys signed like that.

    When’s your anniversary? 😀

  3. Looking forward to the pics! I love SF. Didn’t have a decent camera back when we visited, I hope to go back soon!

    We were definitely thinking of you when we were taking some of the photos! “Hmm, what would Tiff do?” or “Tiff would love that.”

    Kim – perhaps your anniversary?

    Dang, here I thought I was being original!

  4. I really liked “A Dirty Job” By Christopher Moore.

    I’m loving all his work so far. “A Dirty Job” is probably funniest, but “Lamb” is probably the quote-unquote “best” book IMHO.

  5. I fake-shanked Boy in the rec yard of Alcatraz with a rolled-up poster of a samurai suit of armor he got from the Asian Art Museum.

    …said poster Boy received because of the nice man who was a member of the AAM, took me in as his guest to save us $12, and then had a coupon in his wallet for the poster, which was from the last exhibit (that damn we were sorry we missed). People were friendly overall, but that was the coolest thing a local did for us while we were there. 🙂

    Yep. That was such a nice gesture that I shamefully thought for a quick instant “he’s gotta be pulling some sort of con, right?” before looking at him and seeing how sincere he was.

    Of course, you were looking super hot that day. I’m just sayin’.

    And now I have jet lag, which goes well with the vertigo I’m also sporting, which blows far worse than the jet lag. 😛

    Bleagh. Sorry, babe.

    Fantastic vacation though!

    Damn right!

  6. Yes! We will talk! Woo and Hoo!

    • Heh. TB this week, Bill next week, Heather’s gonna be busy! Wait, that sounded naughty…

      Well, MY half wasn’t naughty at all! (Except for the dessert. Ye gods.)

      Let the record show that Heather is even more lovely in person than in photos. And taller. 😀

  7. Lamb is my most favorite book in the whole world, Fool also had be laughing my ass off though. I love Christopher Moore’s work!

    I now have on my nightstand the last Moore book that my uni’s library owns that I have yet to read. The rest I’ll have to get from the public library.

    Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say hello when I was in Chicago! It turned out that I was even more mondo busy than I thought I would be.

    • I also would have loved to get a card signed “have a happy life together bitches.” It would totally fit into mine and the hubs life perfectly.

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