Monday Music

Hey folks.  If things are according to plan, we’re probably just about to get into a cab and head for the airport from there back home.  So I’m scheduling this MM ahead of time to keep the streak alive!

This is the song I’ve been sitting on for months and months…ever since Dys and I saw it on one of the HD channels soon after we got our new TV back in the late fall.  Saw it, looked at each other, said “WOW!” and “Back that up!!”

We’re both long-time Lenny fans, but this is the first time we’d heard this song, and we were blown away by both the song, the performance (definition of “charisma,” anyone?), and the “unplugged” arrangement.  This was some good shit.  I mean, yes, the lyrics sound like every letter I imagined writing to some girl who barely knew I existed in the eighth grade, but from the point of view of an adult it’s damned awesome.

Lenny Kravitz, “I’ll Be Waiting” (Live)

I find it fascinating to compare this live version to the original recording – both are quite good, each in its own way.  I prefer the live one with its more complex and soulful guitar line and not-quite-so-straight-4/4 approach, but the original is probably the more complex arrangement as a whole (not even counting the strings).

(Crisitunity, in the Radiohead-esque “small parts added to the whole” vein, check the official video for the guitar line laid atop the piano from 1:00-1:03.  Simple; perfect fit.  Wow.)

I hope you all enjoy it.  Hopefully I’ll have time between putting out fires at the office to check in tomorrow!


One Response

  1. I’m trying to figure out who the guitarist with the ‘fro is, because I thought it was Slash at first, but I’m just not sure.

    Longtime Lenny co-collaborator Craig Ross. Although Lenny and Slash went to high school together.

    LOVE this arrangement, much better than the album cut (to my ears anyway).

    Agreed, good sir!

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