Bonus Music!

This is for Marie and Oregon Sunshine, who were so pleasantly surprised by my little country twist on this past Monday.  I DO listen to more than just ye death metal.  Occasionally.  Sometimes.  😉

Embedding is disabled, unfortunately, so clicky clicky the link!

Nickel Creek, “Reasons Why”

I have new earrings that are steel instead of titanium so I feel them moving around more when I turn my head – it’s mildly amusing.  So far it’s looking like a beautiful Friday.  Hope you find something new, something shiny, and something amusing in your day today!


3 Responses

  1. I love Nickel Creek! GREAT song. And I’m also thrilled about your earrings. 😛
    Have a great day –

    That’s just a solid album, really. I enjoy it quite a bit. (“Sweet Afton” actually makes me tear up. Don’t tell nobody.)

  2. One of my five favorite songs/performances of all time.

    I think it’s the strongest song on the first two albums (I still don’t have “Fire”) – because the three of them all combine so strongly but never overpoweringly. It’s awesome.

  3. Aww! Thank you! Here I was about to tell you that BP is more “Reasons Why” and I’m more “The Lighthouse’s Tale”, but he sorta beat me to it. He was listening to Reasons Why a whole lot when we first got together.

    We are HUGE Nickel Creek fans in this house!

    As I said, I’m probably most partial to “Sweet Afton” (and once haltingly learned to stumble through it on the mandolin). But what, nobody’s down for “Ode to a Butterfly?” 🙂

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