The ThumBlimp Flies Again

You know, because everybody wants to hear my updates, I hired this big scrolling-marquee blimp to cruise around the US with the latest news…

Seriously, barring disaster, last injury update for at least a week.  The gamblers will have to bribe Dys for inside information to set an accurate spread.

I had my first PT appointment this morning, and compared to the ultrasounds and hot-paraffin dips and such from when I sprained my wrists, this was pretty low-key.  She had me bend my thumb this way and that, took some measurements, and compared them to my right thumb doing the same motions.  It turns out my hands are above-average flexible (go go guitar practice) and my second joint of my thumb has maybe 80% of the flexibility of my right – but my first joint only has about 30% of that flexibility.  That’s where I need the most work.

So, basically, every hour for the next week I’m supposed to do these four things:

1)  Grab my left thumb with my right hand, covering everything but the first joint, and bend it all the way down and all the way up.  Holding for 5 seconds each, 10 reps.

2)  Lay my palm flat on a surface and try to raise my thumb up to point toward the ceiling, 5 seconds x 10 reps.

3)  Try to touch my palm just beneath the start of my little finger, bending all three joints in my thumb, 5 sec x 10 reps.

4)  Just give my thumb a massage to loosen up the scar tissue that’s adhering a little to the tissue beneath.  And besides, my thumb’s had it rough.  It could use a nice back rub and some TLC and maybe a candlelit dinner before…  well, I think I lost the thread there for a second.

Hey, that whole workout regimen aspect feels almost like it should have been a No Butts post.

She says that by next week she expects I’ll have made some significant strides, that we’ll start working on my strength once we see how I’m doing with my flexibility, and that all the high-tech gizmos won’t be necessary.  Although she did give me a cute little vitamin-E-gel-lined support-hose/condom gizmo to roll over my thumb to support it, compress the swelling, and get a little goodie mediciney stuff into my scar while I sleep.

I really need to post some pictures of all this crap (if I can ever find our SD card reader).

I was specifically told that ligaments take longer to heal than tendons – 8-10 weeks, usually.  Though the tendon was most heavily damaged, I did suffer some damage to my ulnar collateral ligament (the one that runs along the top and inside of your thumb) so I should avoid things that would put a lot of pressure on my thumb in the direction away from my palm.  I should keep laying off the weightlifting and guitar playing for a couple more weeks.

But I was given the go-ahead to play video games!  Woo!

So the news is still pretty good.  End update; this blimp has other places to be, you know.  And I’ve gotta go do my exercises.


2 Responses

  1. I knew it. Even your thumb only has one thing on its mind!

    Well, lots of variations on that one thing, though. It’s creative that way.

    Damn glad to hear it went well though, babe.

    You don’t even begrudge possibly losing some Xbox time? 😉

  2. Excellent news! Rock Band, here you come!

    I actually played two songs last night after my good doc visit – one on drums and one on bass.

    Verdict: I think I should stick to one, maybe two songs at a time for a little while longer. No pain, but just that “don’t feel right” feeling (more so with drums than bass) – seems wise not to push it. But it sure as hell felt good to play for a minute!

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