More Tales of the Thumb

So I had my follow-up visit with the doc this morning, and the news appears to be good.

I wore my splint religiously last week, but this week I’ve mostly been wearing it only when I was doing something active with my hand like lifting things, etc. and when I slept (so I wouldn’t roll over and injure myself in my sleep – something I did multiple things with my sprained wrists).  They told me I could continue to wean myself off of the splint, which is good news.

The scar, they pronounced, looks good.  Which, mostly, it does.  Half of it is really clean.  The other half…well, when the sutures came out, there was some skin there that was kinda dead, and that dead skin did eventually fall off and leave a bit bigger scar there that looks a little more like a diffuse burn scar than a precise incision scar.  The whole thing is a little raised, which may go away with time.  Amusingly, when I’m exercising and/or hot, it all gets a lot more purplish-looking than pink.  Heh.  (I need to take a pic now that it’s healed up a bit, and finally post up the before-the-stitches-came-out pic for the more ghoulish of you…)

There’s still a numb area (roughly underneath the “burn scar” area).  I really think I might have severed some nerve fibers with the initial accident.  If so, big whoop – it’s an area about the size of a bean, on the top of my thumb rather than the pad, so it won’t have any real impact on my life.  It’s not like I couldn’t feel the tip of a screw or something when I try to manipulate it.

The really good news is that one of the docs who checked me out had me put my hand out in a handshake position, with my thumb vertical, and told me to resist while she tried to force my thumb to my palm.  She put quite a bit of pressure on but couldn’t make me give.  She asked if there was any pain, and the answer was “no” – I could feel the stress in the joint, but there was no pain.  Considering that lifting my thumb upward was what I was having trouble with immediately after the accident (that was my first “uh-oh, this is serious” moment”) and that exact exam caused me to go “YEOW!” in the ER, I think that bodes very well for the success of the tendon/ligament repair.

I have my first physical therapy appointment at 8am tomorrow morning.  At that point we’ll schedule the rest of them, so I’ll figure out then how often they want me to come, and for how long.  I think I’m in for a bare minimum of once a week for a month – probably more than that, and quite possibly more frequently than that.  But the attending physician/head honcho that examined me was just talking about PT in terms of rebuilding my strength and range of motion in my thumb – not in terms of working on the joint.  That, I think, is a lot more good news.

I’ll know a lot more about where I stand after tomorrow, so I’ll update again then.  For now, though, I’m feeling pretty good about things.  One scarred thumb up!


5 Responses

  1. 1) Woot! Glad all is healing well!
    2) Yeah, should NOT have read this while eating my lunch.

    I didn’t think it was all THAT bad, but yeah, maybe I should have put in a disclaimer before describing the scar. In real life it really doesn’t look all that bad.

  2. Scars are cool. At least cooler than missing appendages.

    Well, I don’t know about cooler, but they’re certainly a little cool and a lot less inconvenient.

  3. Yay! I’m so glad that you’re hand is getting better.


  4. You need to come up with a better story about how you got the scar. It needs to involve a bar room brawl with Marines, or something.

    My standard bullshit answer for any scar begins with “knife fight.” This one is conveniently placed; I can say I got it by deflecting a knife attack with my left hand as I moved in for a counterattack with my right…

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