Quick Hits

I’m admittedly a little uninspired in ye olde blogging lately, which is part and parcel of my demotivation heretofore mentioned.  I apologize for that, and I’ll get over it pretty soon if history is any judge.  In the meantime…


Apparently there’s some kind of basketball game later today?  I dunno, the campus is all talking about it.

If you missed it a few years back, here’s my NCAA Tourny Pools for Dummies (by a dummy) guide.


I have just found my perfect motorcycle.  That I will probably never afford.  Fuuuuuck.  But just reading the review is making me slobber uncontrollably.  I may have to change out this keyboard.

Push-button suspension control?  On a bike that doesn’t weigh 1200 pounds (i.e. isn’t a Gold Wing)?  Holy mama.  Excuse me for a few minutes…


Boy has track practice again tonight.  After his first big-time “I don’t wanna do this anymore” moment on Tuesday night.  We’ll have to see how that goes.   We are at a point in which Dys and I are prepared to lean on him and teach him the lesson that he can’t just quit when things are hard.  He took this upon himself, with no pressure from us whatsoever, but he’s going to have to take responsibility for that choice as well.  It’ll be a learning experience.  (Likely for all three of us.)

On the bright side, last week a girl on the track team was wearing a shirt that said “My sport is your sport’s punishment.”  Heh.  True – and possibly part of Boy’s problem.


Finally, the MotoGP boys are back on track today for the final testing weekend before the start of the season in a few weeks.  All the pins are pulled; the contenders will be showing what they’re really capable of, on the track (Losail in Qatar) where the season will start.

To gear up, why not watch a video of prominent riders from the early 90s talking about crashing?  I think Lawson really does have it right…



2 Responses

  1. Bill is all a-drool over the 2011 ZX10. To the point where he even said he wouldn’t ask for a new motorcycle again until it comes out.


    We do love the Ninjas.

    (Insert Pirate joke here.)

    I’ve never been a fan of the Kawis, for whatever reason. I have no idea why. With the Japanese bikes I tend to favor Hondas and Yamahas. Of the Japanese literbikes, I think the R1 is teh sexor at the moment. Particularly the Raven edition. If Kaw make something that looks like that link, though, I’d sit up and pay attention.

    Dys’s dad rode a series of the fire-breathing Kawi 900s in the 1970s, so he still has a fondness for Gang Green.

    Of course, ever since I first saw the Duc 916 in a Buyer’s Guide in 1994 that I bought just for the Harleys, I’ve been lusting after Italian twins…

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