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Back from the doc

Well, it didn’t take long at all.  A resident came in and cut my cast off and let me wash my hands (hoo-fucking-ray!!), the doc came in and looked at it, and a nurse took my stitches out and put me in a neoprene-and-velcro splint.  Bingo-bango, you’re free to go, have a nice day.

The bad news is that I still can’t use my thumb for another 2 weeks.

The doc says that the tendons heal MUCH slower than the skin, and he wants me to lay off for a while longer.  Sadly, when the cast came off, I could completely agree.  It felt…wrong. I don’t know why, but something in the back of my head just told me that once the cast came off, things wouldn’t go right back to normal, but they’d take a big leap in the general direction of normal.  As it turns out, I was somewhat overly optimistic.

Between the hellaciously bitchin’ scar (I took pictures before the stitches came out, yay) and the utter wrong-ness of how everything felt, I ended up feeling kinda woozy again.  I was thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed of myself for it.  I actually laid down for a minute and the nurse brought me a Sprite before she took the sutures out.   One or the other or both helped, and I felt better pretty quickly.

On the bright side, I can take this splint off and wash my hands, shower, etc.  In a day or so, my hair on my forearm will quit looking like Einstein.  I can also go to the gym and ride a stationary bike or run with my still-cool-with-the-track-team son.  I can go back to shaving my head like normal.  WOO!

I tend to be a quick healer, so that’s on my side.  However, I also tend to be a hardheaded jackass and do things that I probably shouldn’t.  There are things at work that rely on me and me alone, and some of those require what little brawn I have, and those are now being held up.  There are things at home that need to be done, and Dys has her hands full already, and those are waiting on me, too.  I’m generally not the most impatient person, but I have a low frustration tolerance for not being able to do things that I feel need to be done.   Particularly when I feel like other people are counting on me to get them done.

(And let’s not forget how it kinda sucks to go another 2 weeks with no guitar and no video games.  Fuck-a-doodle-doo.  Back on the couch with the laptop, DVDs, and a pile of books.)

Now my hand stinks like new neoprene/rubber.  But at least I can wash the fucker!

And the tag I made called ‘one-handed TB’ so one day I could go back and read all these tales all together…well, that sucker will keep getting bigger in my tag cloud.

Oh well.  1.75 thumbs up!


6 Responses

  1. Yay for no more stinky plaster cast! I had a feeling you wouldn’t be back to normal yet. I thought I sprained my ankle once but it turned out after numerous x-rays that I tore a tendon. That fucker took forever to heal, drove me nuts too because it was my right ankle, therefore my driving ankle. Good luck and attempt to take it easy.

    I will say that I’m lucky that I didn’t damage anything weight-bearing like a knee or ankle. Comparatively, my left hand should be easy to take it easy on and allow it to heal, if I don’t do anything stupid.

  2. Yes, please don’t do anything stupid.

    Yay for the cast coming off!

    “Don’t do anything stupid.”

    Sheesh. Ask frogs not to hop and me not to think about motorcycles while you’re at it!


  3. At least it didn’t fall off. That would have SUCKED!

    Do NOT ask me why, because I have no legitimate answer, but suddenly all I could think of was the ghetto ghoul-dude in the Eddie Murphy movie “Vampire in Brooklyn.”

    *thump of an object hitting the ground*
    “Oh…shit, dass my arm!”

  4. Just TRY to behave yourself, will ya? I’m glad the cast is gone and you have something you can work with and be without long enough to wash and shave. 🙂

    Believe me, I’m glad of that too. I took it off for the shower this morning and actually did a double-arm-pump.

    The way it feels right now…I’m probably gonna be guitar-less until summer. At least. That has me pretty pissy. But I’ll just have to make some music some other way.

  5. I’ve never had a cast, and reading your saga has reinforced the fact that I feel lucky not to have had one. I’m very glad your ordeal is almost over, but I’m really sorry about the guitar sabbatical. It seems like that happened right about the time you made a point to get back into playing.
    Sometimes the universe just really can bite my ass.

    This was my first cast, and I can officially say they are handy for what they’re used for, but I still wouldn’t recommend trying one.

    Yep. I was thinking that weekend that a little concentrated time would get another song finished, and I had another idea for some other things that I was really looking forward to. Thhhbbbppptttt to the universe on that one.

  6. I love that you’re so happy about washing your hands.

    If your hand smelled the way mine did last week, you’d be this happy, too.

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