More Guy Talk

I had a great time on last night’s radio show.  I barely had time to launch into a pointless and improvised opening monologue before my man Bad Pants (the blogger formerly known as Dead Charming) was on the line with me, and we spent a great hour talking about sci-fi/fantasy books, history, college and life paths, motorcycles, and of course stupid injuries.  And hey, we each came out of it with a few good book recommendations, so that was a hell of a bonus.

I had a guy in the chat room (with Oregon Sunshine, who was just waving nicely!) ask me a question about what to think about before one’s first motorcycle, which I attempted to answer after the show was done…I don’t know if he ever unidled to see it or not.  But that’ll make a good subject for a future post, definitely.

Miss the show?  Curious?  Hop on over to the radio show page and click the “play” button on the right-hand side and you can listen to the recorded segment!  (For that matter, you can listen to any and/or all of the past shows if you have that kind of time and that kind of sheer morbid curiosity.)

I do this thang once a month, so there’ll be more chances.  If I ever get enough demand, I might step it up to every other week again.  We’ll see!

To help with the inside jokes, here’s the infamous Red SV crashing into a tree video that assumed legendary proportions on my old motorcycle board.

Here’s the “Abridged version of Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World” [The Wheel of Time, book 1].  I wish I could claim I wrote this thing, because it is HYSTERICAL.

Thanks again to BP for calling in; hope you all can enjoy the recorded show, and catch you next time!


3 Responses

  1. Sorry I missed you guys! I pretty much passed out at, like, 7:30. Yet another reason to NOT work out (I did a full hour with weights and cardio when I got home – after dinner I was pooped).

    How DARE you put your personal health before MY radio show!!


    Been there, lady. Catch ya next time – I know you’re good for it!

  2. When I met Dude as he got off the bus, a frog said, “Mom, I have a sore throat”. Just a couple hours later, my voice was replaced by a mouse. You did not need to laugh or struggle to hear my squeaky self last night.

    However, I did politely listen and not link to all the things you guys were talking about. Looking back, it would have probably made life easier for the both of you. I pretty much went to bed after your show too and just now got up this morning. Yeah, farm fail.

    Looking forward to next month!

    Thanks – me too!

  3. I enjoyed the show very much, and I hope I didn’t monopolize the time.

    Book suggestions:

    And now that I’m home I could come up with a dozen more…so I’ll save those up for the next show.

    Looking forward to the next one!

    Nope, no monopolizations – I was glad to have someone to talk to, and nobody else was trying, so wtf.

    And I wrote all those titles down, but now I get to be super lazy about it. Awesome.

    Thanks again, man!

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