Radio Show Tonight!

Sing it with me, folks:  “It’s been a long time since I rock and rolled…


I had that last-minute cancellation last month, so this will be my first one since the first week of January.  And I’m rarin’ to go.

The big button above (or this link) will take you to my radio show profile page.  The show will go live at 10pm Eastern time tonight.  Click on the big-ass button above or click the link to stop by and listen in! At 10pm, a “Click to Listen” button will appear on my profile page there and you can click that to stream the show live.  Or, for the adventurous, you can call in and talk to me on the air. The call-in number is:

(646) 915-8720

That being a New York phone number (and definitively not mine), long distance charges may apply. However, there should be a “click to talk” button, which should in theory allow anyone with a microphone connected to their computer to click the button and talk to me directly over VOIP free of charge.   I can have up to 5 callers on the line at one time.  I’ve never had it cap out, but hey, that’s a good potential problem to have, huh?

In the interest of full disclosure, anyone who calls in will have their phone number pop up on my little host switchboard.  (The Click-to-Talk people pop up as calling in from 000-000-0000 if memory serves.)  I swear on my honor as a Virginian, I have never written down or otherwise saved the phone number of anyone who’s called my show, and have no intention of doing so.   I figure anybody who wants me to have their phone number knows my email address and can give it to me explicitly.  But I wanted to be completely above board with this, just on the off chance that somebody wasn’t entirely comfortable with the idea that I might see their number.  End aside.

There’s a minor change-up this time:  when 10 rolls around, the chick with the snooty British accent will say “BlogTalkRadio!” and before yours truly will be drawlin’ on the airwaves, there should be a 30-second snippet of music:  my theme song!  Woo!  Written and recorded by yours truly just for this tidbit.  (Although between that time and when I attempted to make myself Frodo the Nine-Fingered, I was actually working it up toward a full-length song.)  It’s supposed to feel like a motorcycle ride and smell like lemon squares, according to Dys and Beej.  You can tell me if I’m successful.

As usual, I’ll also open a chat room window for those who are interested – I usually don’t pay a lot of attention to it on the best of days (the people on the line get my first attention) but given that I’m still typing one-and-a-half-handed lately it’s pretty much guaranteed that  I won’t be chatting during the show this time.  But it’ll be there for people who want to drop snarky comments at me.

The show is scheduled for an hour.  That means that when 11:00 rolls around, the “Click to Listen” button goes away, the listening window goes dead, and nobody else can call in.  However, anybody already on the phone will still be good to go – and the show will keep recording until I hang up.  Even though nobody can listen live, it’s still being recorded for the archives. In other words, if we’re having fun, the show can run long.  In the past, we’ve generally ended up soon after the hour is over, but if things are REALLY rolling along, why stop the party bus?

There is never a set topic – this month, as per MTAE’s suggestion, based on my dumbass thumb I’m pondering having everybody talk about stupid and/or embarrassing injuries.  But I also never got to have my February show and talk about romance and the hilarity thereof.  I had contemplated having each caller tell a story about a romantic moment or a kiss (favorite or most amusing), but I haven’t decided whether I’ll go back to that or not.  But hey, the MotoGP testing season has started again, the Daytona 200 is this weekend and the first round of World Superbike is already down, so let that be a threat.  Contribute to the discussion or you get an hour of me microanalyzing the days’ testing times.

It’s important to add that if there are any problems with the show, check here for updates.  If any technical snafus pop up, I’ll post up here.

Hope to hear from some of you tonight!


5 Responses

  1. I hate that I keep missing your shows, good luck tonight!

    One of these days I’ll do a Very Special Episode at a different time so all of you who are busy on Thursdays have a chance.

  2. I will TRY to chime in tonight, although I’ll be getting all my crap ready and in line for my wisdom teeth extraction first thing in the a.m. tomorrow. Ugh…

    Ack! Been there. My jaw was so swollen that my best friend’s dad told me I looked like Nixon.

    You know I’d love to talk to you if you have the time; if not, no hard feelings!

  3. I have put it on my outlook calender and confirmed it on my iPhone…so HOPEFULLY I’ll make it on. Here’s to hitting your call in cap!


  4. I am coming down with whatever Dude brought home. So, all talking will be up to my husband, if he’s home when he calls in.

    In the mean time, I tagged you for an award over on my blog, if you care to play along. 🙂

    Ooh-HOO. I’ll look at the award in the morning when I hopefully have time to write.

    Hope you feel better!

  5. I had to work late! Boo! I missed it! And I had a really great story about how I was downtown, with a group of friends, and walked into a fire hydrant. Because I was staring at lesbians. Oh, to be in college again. My knee reeeeaaaallly hurt after that.

    Aw damn, I’m sorry I missed that story!

    In just a few minutes I’ll be posting up the link for people to listen to the show, though. Maybe next time!

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