Quick Hits

For those of you not watching, in favor of stupid stuff like the Olympic gold medal round between the US and Canada (get your priorities straight, people), you missed some pretty good motorcycle racing this weekend.

How good?  How’s this for a finish?  As a commenter says here, that’s what 0.004 seconds looks like at 200 mph.


Somewhat as a surprise to us, Boy decided to sign up to run track for his school’s team.  His first practice is tonight.  We’ll see what kind of awakening he has, eh?  He’s already indicated that long distance runs don’t interest him.  (He got that one honest.)


Congrats to Crisitunity on her new job!  (And good luck with that whole dress conundrum.)


9 days down, 9 to go for TB’s cast.  I’m already over it.  Thank god for letter openers to scratch down in there, but damn.  Shaving my head in the sink instead of the shower a) takes longer, b) is more uncomfortable, c) is more likely to end in razor burn somehow.  Showering with my arm upraised inside a garbage bag is getting old.  Neither arm has really been thoroughly washed since the 19th.

And finally my cast is officially starting to smell like old sweat.  EW.  Anybody got a better idea than just Febreze-ing the outside and hoping for the best?


At least February is over…


3 Responses

  1. I can’t see the picture for some reason. 😦

    I was watching hockey. I do that…a LOT.

    You know I like my motorcycles kinda big, really noisy and at cruising speed. Heehee…

    Hmm. Yeah, the pic doesn’t show now. Here’s a link to it.

    These are medium-sized, definitely not cruising speed, but they ARE really noisy!

  2. Sounds like you have had a rough month. I think febreezing it is brilliant. I wouldn’t have thought of that. Maybe try some alcohol based sanitizer on a swab?

    Well, the Febreze was a big fail, so I’ll try the sanitizer – that’s a decent idea!

  3. Lesson learned from shattering my left hand:

    Spray the inside of a plastic bag (one large enough to fit the whole cast in) liberally with aerosol spray deodorizer. Febreeze, whatever…

    Place cast in bag, seal bag. LEAVE ON FOR 30 MINUTES or more. Basically you’re trying to draw the deodorizing spray into the absorbent cast material, and that just takes time.

    This sounds dumb, this really does work. (Yes, I sound like an infomercial, I know).

    If you do this right, your arm will end up greasy and uncomfortable, and then it will itch like you plunged your arm into an ant hill. This is what happens when aerosol chemicals meet your skin pores over long periods of time. So you won’t smell bad, but you’ll end up with a mild skin rash you can’t actually reach and an itch you can’t really address. Enjoy.

    The rash goes away after another 20-30 minutes, and the end result is a significant reduction in “that smell” that almost knocks you on the floor at 2:00 am when you get your face to close to the plaster and cotton sweat bomb that is your left arm. So it’s a cost/benefit equation thing.

    This is DEFINITELY interesting. The rash/itch sounds horrific, but I imagine that in another day or so I’ll definitely give this one a try.

    “Plaster and cotton sweat bomb.” Hee ! 😀

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