All that for…

The last few Cub Scout meetings were snowed out, and last night was scheduled to be the Pinewood Derby race.  That’s why I was finishing the car up this weekend when I mangled myself, after all.

The scout leaders nicely decided to give us one extra week of practice.  I just didn’t find out until I got there last night.  So hell, I had a whole extra week after all.  Bummer.

Oh well – I learned a few extra tricks of the trade, and Boy’s car is still 0.4 ounces light, so I get a week to buff his axles with the Dremel and tape a quarter and a penny to it to bring it right up to 5.0.  From the looks of it, we’ll need it.  Some of those kids’ cars last night were haulin’.

And that’s about all I have to say for today.  I already spent most of my writing energy in spewing venom (or, as the writers of the Thor comics would say, venting my Righteous Anger) on Crisitunity’s behalf.  Y’all can go over there and get as pissed off as I was.  My blood pressure will settle down in another half-hour or so.


One Response

  1. Thanks much. I am grateful for the venom and the shout-out.

    You are heartily welcome to both!

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