Monday Music

Well, the good news is that my hand already feels better.  I keep it held up a little bit, since it swells & throbs if I leave it down for a while, but it feels better than yesterday.

Typing is an adventure, since I can’t bend my wrist, can’t really bend my fingers well at the knuckles, and so I type with my left elbow cocked up about 6-8 inches (and still my wrapped-up thumb often hits the spacebar by accident).  But hey, it is what it is.

I thought about looking up something funny for MM today like “Torn” or “Broken” but since I couldn’t find anything specific  to “lacerated thumb” I decided to go another route.  (You songwriters out there can let me know when you’ve closed that gap.)

This one is thanks to Crisitunity, who introduced me to Radiohead over the holiday.  This was my favorite tune of the bunch, though she’s right, it is not NEARLY the same without headphones to pick out all the stereo effects.  This song is one of the best uses of what they call “the studio as instrument” that I’ve ever heard.

Radiohead, “Subterranean Homesick Alien”


One Response

  1. Awww. I am so happy. (Except about your hand.)

    Gracias again!!

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