Pals, II

As I said this morning on Twitter, I thought my friends rocked BEFORE I got home from the gym, got out of the shower, and my wife buried me in a stack of birthday cards.

Now I’m sitting at my desk listening to an obscure metal band from Portland, there are two hockey pucks on the bookshelf in my office next to my toy motorcycles and pictures of Boy (and I quote, “What would a good Southern boy never buy for himself?  I know!  Hockey pucks!”), and I have a big stack of some of the funniest damned cards I ever read.  I couldn’t begin to list one without listing them ALL, (Yes, Heather and Kim, yours made it in time!) and I would surely mangle the language and this post would be forty pages long.  But trust me, I laughed my butt off at every one of ’em.

Add that to a stack of cash from family, the Scrubs and Big Bang Theory and the badass pair of studio-monitor headphones from Dys, the Marvel:  Ultimate Alliance 2 from Boy, and the promise from my in-laws to order the drum emulation software I’ve been lusting after…

Dys pulled it off.  She said she knew I’d had a long series of shitty birthdays recently (uh, see recent post for documentation now that my birthday is out of the bag) and she wanted to make up for it.  She said, “You’re loved, baby.  And not just by me!”

And yep, I felt it.  I sat there, surrounded by cards, sipping a celebratory Maker’s, playing my guitar, and watching ST:TNG (Crisitunity:  it was “The First Duty”) I knew I’d had the best birthday in at least a solid decade.  The best one I can remember in a long, long time.

Thanks to everyone, especially my lovely wife for pulling it all together.  You’re all the best.


9 Responses

  1. I’m so glad you had a great birthday!!! HUGS

    I felt like giving the Lou Gehrig speech. 😀

  2. YAY!!! This post put a smile on my funny face this morning. I’m SO glad you had a great birthday!!!

    I did! Your card was hysterical btw!

  3. Alright already…be a man! At least spit or something!

    HEY! Lou Gehrig was one hell of a man, wasn’t he?

  4. And Lou was known to toss a hocker now and again.

    Hockey pucks? What kind of idiot would send a Southern boy hockey pucks? That’s like sending an Eskimo shuffle board. That’s almost as useless as a picture of people you don’t know!

    Glad you had a good one, TB, but none of us could have done with without a little help.

    Yep. Could be worse, though. I also got a cryptic threat…something about mailing me a dead woman. WEIRD people, man.

    For those who are curious? B&G writes some of the most surreallisticly funny notes I’ve ever seen in all my life. 😀

    • Hey! Hey! Hey! You’re jumping ahead! When the ‘package’ left ‘my hands’ it was in ‘fine and working order.’ What happens in transit is out of my control.

      P.S. I do have a no return policy.

      NOW you tell me. Well, just refuse delivery.

  5. Maleesha sent me over here to wish you a happy birthday. Now I’m feeling kind of shy because your birthday sounds hip and groovy, but it would be in bad taste just to lurk around on your birthday and not comment. So happy birthday.

    Hah! I never mind a delurker. Glad you stopped by, thanks for the good wishes!

  6. “The First Duty” is kind of heavy shit for a birthday. But certainly a good Picard one. (I like it when he bores the piss out of us talking about the Prime Directive.)

    Obviously my card did not make it in time or I would have been on the list with Kim & Heather. But it will get there. Oh, it better.

  7. So sorry I missed it! Happy Belated Birthday (even with the whole mess with your thumb)!


    You were one of the ones Dys wanted to include but she didn’t have an email addy for ya!

  8. […] totally wish I could come up with an ambush-birthday-party similar to what she did for me earlier this year.  I almost did the same thing, but thought “Nah, that would just be a […]

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