A Sad Note

There was a soft knock on our door last night, and we opened it to find two of our neighbors, nicely dressed.

They’d come from the visitation of our next door neighbor, who had passed away on Saturday.

We hadn’t known, but we’d suspected.  She’d had cancer, and we’d not seen her or her family’s cars in some time, so we thought perhaps she was staying with her daughter or in managed care, but we hadn’t heard anything specific.  Until last night.

She was a sweet old lady, and ever since we moved in eight years ago she’d never been anything but an angel to us.  She was as good a neighbor as anyone could ask for.  I’ll miss pulling up after work in the summertime and seeing her leaned over in her gardening gloves, trimming her vines (and sometimes ours too, just because she was there anyway), and talking to her for a few minutes about nothing in particular at all.

I’ll especially miss her in the spring when her tulips and roses bloom.

Rest in peace, Carole.


2 Responses

  1. I’m sorry to read about Carole. I hope that someone nice moves in and takes care of her roses and tulips.

    Me too. Dys will tend to them in the meantime, I bet.

  2. Her roses and tulips will live on.

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