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Two things to know about me:

a)  I never announced my birthday on the blog.  Partially it was an additional anonymization-ifying tactic, and partially it’s because I’m not a big “it’s my birfday, make a big deal!” people.  I just quietly incremented my age on my FAQ every year and called it done.

b)  Dys will tell you, I’m a routine-driven guy.  And when she tells you, she will be rolling her eyes and/or laughing.

So here’s my routine.  Every morning, I sit down at my computer and open up my work email.  Then I open up a couple of browser windows.  In one, I fire up my RSS feed reader.  In another, I open up one of my handful of personal email accounts (my personal Yahoo, my personal Gmail, the Gmail I use for the blog, etc.)  I’m too impatient to wait for shit to load, so I load something in one window and go read the other while it’s coming up.  That’s how I roll.

I also have a routine in reading my RSS feed.  I start every day with Snopes, then PostSecret if it comes up, then my motorcycle blogs – because none of these require me to be logged in to comment.  Then I read my non-Wordpress blogs, for more or less the same reason.  I save my WP blog reading for last, because I’ll log into WP, read and respond to my own comments, then I’ll pull up the “My Comments” and read any replies before I leave new comments and scroll them off my list.

So. This morning I sit down and start doing all that shit.  I notice that my RSS feed reader is filling up, including a lot of folks that usually post during the day instead of overnight.  “Hmph,” says I.  While Yahoo is loading, I read snopes, and read the first of my non-WP blogs on my feed reader:  Beej’s Life of Adventure.

“Happy birthday to one crazy bastard!” it says.

“Oh, fuck.”  I says.  Grinning.

I look at my feed reader.  And pay closer attention to *which* ones are lit up.

Yep.  Every single one of ’em except Snopes and SuperbikePlanet were for yours truly.  Add to that the email that I had from Allison and the tweets piling up from all and sundry and even the thread for my birthday on my favorite motorcycle board.  The innerwebz is alive with the sound of my birthday.

My cell phone rang.  It was my mom calling.  “Am I the first to tell you?  Or the third [after Dys and Boy]?”

I said, “Well, you’re the first phone call, but my email account is full.  Apparently Dys has been busy!”

So I got on Gtalk with Dys.

Me:  “so what, you emailed everybody? hell, I assumed those that posted were just teh ones that found your twitter or your blog post”
Dys:  “yeah, because I was down here at 7:00 a.m. this morning and all those fuckers were at their computers at 7 a.m. to wish you well 😉  …wait, to read MY blog and THEN wish you well. but yeah, this has been in the works for a couple of weeks :)”
Me:  “Heh. Never had a surprise party before!”

But yep.  Officially call me surprised.  And re-confirmed in my firm belief that anyone who says you can’t have “real” friends who are “online” friends can kiss my big white ass.

I love all y’all.  (And you did a great job keeping it secret!)  Thanks to all of you, especially me lovely bride for organizing it all!

Hugs and high-fives all around, and the next round’s on me!


14 Responses

  1. Happy birthday, dude! 😀

    Thankya thankya! 🙂

  2. I am a little bummed that we didn’t physically get to yell when you walked in. Because, ya know, I like yelling. and surprising. and did I mention yelling?

    Crisitunity’s post was pretty close to that!

    And really, you KNOW how I am about keeping a secret – especially something “present-like” secret. This one was a little easier for me because it required the actual day to work, but it’s still been making me crazy for the actual day to get here. 🙂

    So now you know how Tiffany felt with Bill’s present, huh? Heh.

    I was much more worried that I was going to leave someone out (and folks, if you weren’t in on it, odds are good that A. I couldn’t get a mailing address for you without flat out commenting on your blog to beg for it or B. I did mail you and it’s in your spam folder). Or that we were totally going to screw up and give it up on Twitter somehow.

    But I know that all your friends think you’re the straight shizzle, so I definitely wanted them to have a chance to share this day with you because I’d want to if I were them. (Not that you read the end of that because you’re still laughing that I said ‘shizzle’.)

    Y’all stop by for cake sometime. 🙂

    Love you, babe.

    Love ya back. And everybody, that invitation for cake just got doubled.

  3. Heh. I was cracking up that MY feed reader was full of all the “Happy B-Day TB” posts. Dys is full of awesome, by the way. I loved the concept of a virtual surprise birthday party! xo, and I hope you get all the loot you’re wishin’ for!

    That WAS funny. One of MTAE’s commenters, shmode, said the same thing.

    I hope to collect on that Ducati, so get to scratching tickets, willya?

  4. it bears repeating: Happy Birthday dude.

    Gracias, man! (and hope you’re having fun in Ohio…)

  5. I giggled when I noticed my reader was full of “Happy Birthday TB” stuff too. 😀

    I’m so happy you were surprised and thought it was so cute the way Dys was trying so hard to get everyone rounded up. I told ya…you’re all loved and stuff!

    That came across loud and clear.

    Now excuse me, I’m off to look at your post again. In the men’s room. For about 10-15 minutes.


    • 10-15 minutes? You must really love yourself to be able to hold out that long!!!!

      Well, you know, I’m getting older and stuff. And I didn’t bring any little blue pills to work – not since The Incident.

  6. You’re welcome. Dys gets all the credit. Also, I echo what Laura said, because my feed reader was…a bit repetitive this morning. With luuuuuuuv.

    I am aswim in aw-shucks-ness. 😀

  7. Happy birthday here too! It was fun being part of the surprise!!!

    Glad you were! Thanks, M!

  8. Happy Birthday!

    I woke up around 4am PST for a minute. Thought I heard something. Then I realized that Joe the Rooster wasn’t crowing. So, I went back to sleep. Must have been all the well wishes from all your friends that woke me up. 😉

    Hah! 😀

    And shame on Joe for slackin’.

    • Guess next time Dys will have to let Joe know… Then again, if Joe cracks the security on the wifi, let alone learns how to operate a computer, we’ve got some pretty big issues. After all, I don’t want to be looked at askance by people I don’t know for any internet surfing he might do in that case. *Shudder* I don’t even want to know what might be found if you googled “chicken porn”.

      Let’s not ask questions to which we would not want to hear the answers!

  9. Happy Birfday!! Regardless if you announce it, your friends will always find out… Give up the horse!




  10. I knew this was coming up but there were a few tragedies at work over the past 2 days that kept me away from my computer and sending you birthday greetings. So a belated happy one to you!

    Thanks much, Pam, and sorry about the work tragedies!

  11. No real work tragedies for me. There have been some major surgeries and a death in my co-workers’ families, but nothing bad for me. Got all my bad stuff out earlier this month. Again… many happy wishes for your birthday, which was yesterday. May the party continue into the weekend!

  12. So glad to put a smile on your face.

    As they say in Rhode Island, ‘Appy Fricken Birthdeh!”

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