Monday Music

Well, another snow day.  Tomorrow would have been great; today I actually had a meeting for one of my big projects that I was really looking forward to.  In fact, a meeting of a bunch of people who couldn’t make it to the first big roundtable meeting.  Now?  Canceled.  Craporama.  Also no workout for yours truly.  Except for the shoveling!  Woo!

And Boy is sick again, so no outdoor playtime.  Bummer.

Anyway, today’s Monday Music is in honor of Valentine’s Day.  Dys won’t let me share the sappy-ass slideshow I made to this song, which is probably a good thing, because you’d all razz me mercilessly for it, and I can’t say you’d be wrong.

Incubus, “Dig”

(This is one of several videos available – apparently they had a create-a-video contest and there were lots that were quite good.  This is just one of the few that didn’t have embedding disabled.)

Enjoy your day!  Now where’s my coveralls and shovel…


2 Responses

  1. I had a ridiculously good time with our snow. Kinda makes me wish we lived one state up. I hope yours isn’t too much of a hassle though.

    Not too much. It snowed for a long time, but never terribly hard. I think we ended up with 4-5 inches or so.

  2. How much snow have you gotten? I have to keep reminding myself that the places that are getting the snow now are SO not equipped for it because I was sitting here thinking “snow day?!?!?!” and “why can’t he work out?” and then I remembered. 😀

    Yep. I work out at the college gym, so when the college is closed, so is the gym.

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