Not too bad.

As predicted, I did have to work yesterday but on a 1-hour delay.  (Boy got to stay home and had a 2-hour delay this morning.  Lucky.)  Having that extra hour in the morning every day would make life pretty freakin’ sweet, I must say.

Bonus for me:  I’d already scheduled the afternoon off to get my permanent crown on, get a new driver’s license made, etc.  So I had to work from 9-1:30.  The horror.

It was when I was walking out of my office that I realized:  I’d forgotten to bring a book.  And I’d be in two waiting rooms this afternoon.  Choosing not to tempt fate, I called home and asked Dys to have Boy put a book by the back door.  Since the dentist’s office is right near the house, I could swing by and grab it.  As it turned out, I had enough time to do them a favor and walk the dog since I already had my coat and boots on.

Book in hand, I headed to the dentist.  There was a line in the waiting room, but no sooner than I cracked the book someone was calling my name.  (The good luck charm worked:  you know damn well if I’d been there without a book I’d have been waiting for hours.)  Compared to the fun of sitting back while they ground my tooth down to a nub to fit the crown over it a few weeks ago, actually having the crown fitted took maybe 15 minutes.  Tops.  And it feels great.

So I hopped up out of there and headed to the driver’s license bureau a few miles away, checking out the varied sizes and shapes of snowmen in front yards along the way.   Some were quite ornate.  My favorite was the one in the bikini.  (How’d they get the bottom to stay put?  I couldn’t tell at speed!)  There was also a fort that put the one I built with Boy to shame – it was two feet taller and had carved-in stone mortar joints.

I walked into the DMV branch and, amazingly, there was NO ONE there.  It took a second to catch the attention of someone behind the counter, but eventually I started filling out my forms (and making sure that my motorcycle endorsement remained – although I now feel silly for pointing it out, since they didn’t know if I had a bike or not and therefore didn’t know that there was anything unusual about the request).  I’m now officially on my state’s organ donor registry, although I still filled out the back of the card and got my coworkers to witness it this morning.  (Screw all the jackasses in the local newspaper’s online comments and their “donorcycle” jokes.  I take it quite seriously.)

Once I walked in, literally five people came in behind me. I got to be first in line.  I had my picture taken, then had it RE-taken as the lady said “Hmm.  Whoops.  Maybe you’d like your OWN name on your license.”  The guy in line behind me had my name.  Heh.  Coincidence.  As it turned out, though, that put me in a better mood for the re-shoot, and although I didn’t see the first photo, I’m pretty sure the second one is better.  Having a driver’s license photo that your wife calls “good-lookin’?”  Bonus.

I made it home a full two hours or so earlier than normal – enough to take Boy outside for some snow-time.  I regretted not building a snowman the day before, although damn I was tired from shoveling, and he had already had enough and gone inside before then.  Yesterday was colder, and the snow had dried out a bit and wasn’t sticking together well at all.  So we settled for a prolonged snowball fight (using his fort, of course) and went inside.

I threw some turkey in our (now-working) oven and we had a decent dinner.  I quizzed Boy on some vocabulary and he remembered more than I would have expected – and I think I came up with some ways to help him remember a few others a bit better this time.  Aside from this weird problem in the evening in which a muscle in my ear kept jumping to the point that it almost drove me BATSHIT, it was a pretty good day.

I didn’t even have to use my AK.

Today, on the other hand, I have to work all day.  And then go to the gym.  Meh well.  I’ll take it.


12 Responses

  1. You know, for a day that should have been fraught with annoyance (I mean come ON, the dentist AND MVD?) it sounds like it was a pretty nice day overall! Who won the snowball fight?

    I did. His aim stinks, and I’m not afraid to break the “rules” and close the distance. Or to hit him in the butt when he’s already on the ground.

  2. I didn’t go to work yesterday or today. The snow here is SERIOUS. I’m glad you had, by any measure, a totally successful day. (No one at the DMV? Can I move there?)

    Multiple DMV branches are the bomb. Especially on weekday afternoons when there’s snow everywhere.

  3. Also, you should maybe see a doctor about the ear thing. Slight potential that it’s because of the dental work, which could be serious business.

    There was no real “dental work” yesterday, just cementing the crown on. And the ear thing is on the opposite side of my head. I’m more worried that it’s some kind of weird infection/earache thing in its nascent stages, but I’ve never had such a weird thing happen before. Well, I’ve had this happen before, but like twice and that’s it. Never so prolonged – and for it to go on for an hour-plus last night, and now an hour-plus today? WTF?!?

  4. Reading a book is better, in appearance only, than falling asleep in the waiting room and thinking about naked ladies…a lot less embarrassing too.

    Helps keep the weirdo conversationalists away, too. But then again, I think of all the crazy shit we’d miss out on if B&G kept a book in hand. Maybe I should take one for the team every now and then.

  5. For the ear thing, try lying on your bed with your head hanging over the edge. Slowly and gently turn your head side to side, like you’re looking over your shoulder. See if that helps. I have the same issue off and on. I don’t remember the science behind why that helps, but if I think of it later, I’ll let you know. Something about calcium deposits, I want to say. Can’t remember even where I read about it. But, it worked when I needed it to. Sometimes you have to repeat the procedure later in the day. Hope it helps!

    I’ll give it a shot. Sadly, it’ll be a good solid 5 hours before I’m home to my bed!

    Went and got tabs for my truck last month. It wasn’t snowing here, but the DMV was totally dead. Any time that happens and you’re there, it IS a GOOD day!

    And just think, you wouldn’t have had that extra time to yourself if you hadn’t taken a book!


  6. I get that in my ears sometimes and I grab my Neti Pot. Weird how shoving some water up my nose fixes my ears. 😀

    I like our DMV. I’m always in and outta there pretty quickly. And even stranger? The people are nice.

    I have to go soon and have my wisdom teeth out. Ah well. I’ve been putting it off and making deals with my dentists for about 15 years now…guess it was time.

    Neti Pot. Ugh. But I’ll try just about anything.

    I had my wisdom teeth out when I was in high school. (Insert joke here.) Them was some GOOD drugs.

  7. Let me get this straight, on their extra day off, you made your family go out of their way to get something for you, put it in a special place and you didn’t even USE it?????????

    Words can’t describe what I’m feeling about you right now.

    Well, there are but I can’t use any of them here.

    No, I used it. But only for about a page and a half.

    I will duck and cower before thy onslaught.

  8. Well, you ‘say’ you used it. And I’m trying to be a nicer human so, I apologize for my outburst. It was uncalled for and done without having all the facts.

    Please forgive me.

    Yes, my boss IS standing right behind me.

    Gee, B&G, You’re right. He DOES look like an asshole.

  9. I love short days like that. As much as I love jury duty, I love it when it’s a short JD day and I get to go live my life afterward.

    I enjoyed that part of jury duty too! Honestly, I wouldn’t mind getting called again. I find it interesting.

  10. Putting my permanent crown on a few weeks ago was indeed a much easier process: no blood, no meds, no stroke victim face. Sounds as though you should work 1/2 days all the time if the outcome is half as good as it was this day. Maybe spring IS right around the corner.

    I hope so, but I bet you hope so a LOT MORE.

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