Snow Day

I’m almost 36 years old, and there’s still something cool about sitting in the dark at 6am, watching the closings on TV, and seeing your kid’s school AND your place of employment come up.

Not to compare to Crisitunity’s weekend, but I do have about six inches of snow out there to shovel, and more’s coming down as I type.  I’m officially on a snow day.

Chillin’ with the boy, and maybe getting some recording time in later if I’m lucky.  Y’all have a good one.  Stay warm and dry!


10 Responses

  1. I keep checking to see if my school will have classes tonight, keeping my fingers crossed that they don’t. Enjoy your snow day!

    Hope you ended up with the reprieve!

  2. WOOT! Totally jealous! I’d even help shovel!

    Have Tiff visit in winter. Check. 🙂

  3. Hmm… Just remember that shoveling all that snow is a good calorie burn!

    That’s what I told my neighbor. “Gym’s closed today anyway.”

  4. My new place of employment is ALWAYS open…unless you don’t want to get paid. They have their own equipment to clean out the sidewalks and parking lot…power can’t even go out…we have our own power generation equipment. They even put in their own gym to make sure we stay fit.

    Our motto:

    “If the building is standing, we are working!!!”

    That’s mostly a good thing. I guess. I think.

  5. I shoveled once this morning and I’m going to have to do it again (maybe twice) when I get home from work because it hasn’t stopped snowing even for a little bit today. The storm warnings aren’t even going to be over until 10am tomorrow. Getting into work today was a treat, I tell ya.


    Yeah, that’s a bit much. I hope it didn’t end up being too bad on ya.

    I shoveled the once. It snowed again, but not enough to require shoveling again.

    • I shoveled one more time last night and again this morning. I even did Cindy’s driveway so she could get to her garage when she got home last night. She paid me in pizza!

      Sounds like a good deal to me!

      I did my driveway, my neighbor’s, and helped another neighbor get her SUV out. It still only took about 2 hours, and that was with some extra time thrown in to make some of my pile into Boy’s snow fort. 🙂

  6. Wow, TB, can’t imagine that much snow!! Have only seen it once in my life, on Christmas Day, in Tasmania. Which is weird, trust me. Well, not in Tassie, but on Christmas Day, definitely!! Wish I could take a snow day, that would be so fun!! Hope all is well.

    I guess that much snow on Christmas Day for you guys IS strange!

    I’ve seen much more snow at once, particularly when I lived in the Midwest USA – it wasn’t all that unusual to have 12+ inches (30 cm for you sane people using the metric system) in a single snowstorm. The mid-Atlantic states on the east coast have gotten 20+ inches in the last couple of weeks, and they’re definitely not used to that much snow at once!

  7. On the flip side, I’ve been watching and hoping that Metro will run and the federal government will be open. Solitary confinement SUCKS. Not having heat makes it worse. If the winds were still blowing, I’d shovel out my car and try to go somewhere but it looks like I’ll just work from home. Again.

    Stuck at home with no heat DOES suck – so much that we made the 10-hour drive home last year when our power was completely out. Hope you get your heat fixed ASAP!

  8. Lucky duck! We don’t get snowdays. Ever.

    But when I worked for Gigantic Insurance Company, I used to call the employee hot line on snowy days with so much hope. And sometimes it was cancelled!

    My theory is that the college is deathly afraid of someone breaking an arm in a fall and getting sued.

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