Last-minute cancellation

Sorry folks – Dys and I are talking about Boy and school stuff and we really need to keep on this roll, so I’m going to cancel the radio show for tonight.  It didn’t seem like anyone was chomping at the bit to call in (Tiff, you probably need the time OFF the phone, eh?) so this seems like a good one to take a breather on anyway.  Maybe I’ll reschedule for later in the month.

Hope I didn’t ruin anybody’s plans for the evening.


One Response

  1. Hope everything’s okay!

    Yeah, everything’s okay. Boy has just been irritating of late with not knowing exactly what he’s supposed to do for homework, etc. (This is karma biting my ass – my parents used to have the same problem with me.) After giving him the what-for, we were spending some time trying to figure out how we could help, and most importantly for the radio show timing, trying to compose an email to his teacher that wasn’t too “Aw, it’s not a big deal,” and wasn’t too “YOU are FUCKING UP and you better fly right.”

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