In case you need a primer…

There’s a little football game going on this weekend, and in a chat with a coworker I was reminded of one of the best descriptions of football I ever heard.

By Andy Griffith.

I heard it for the first time when one of my teachers played it on a cassette to my class in probably the 9th grade or so, and I still snicker when I think of the words “Buddy, have a drink”  and the reply “I b’lieve I will have another big orange.”

What It Was Was Football (1953)

You’re welcome.

(PS – Andy being a native Tar Heel, his accent and some of his vocabulary bears a vague resemblance to some of the people in southside Virginia where I grew up.  So when you’re listening to this, it’s like listening to one of my grandfather’s brothers.  You may get an extra chuckle out of that knowledge.)


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  1. His accent is a great deal like my paternal grandparents (they were from Oklahoma). I can still hear her telling me to go ‘yonder’ to ask my AINT JAYNIE (Aunt Jane) something. Someone posted that a couple weeks ago and it gave me a giggle. I listened to it again just now. Fun stuff. 🙂

    Of course it’s “AINT.” Do you think it’s supposed to be “ant”? Sheesh.

    Yep, that bit gives me a chuckle every time. Glad you enjoyed it!

    • I love any accent that can make “door” a two syllable word! Kinda like Kim says about her in-laws taking her one syllable name and making it two with Kee-Yim and making Brian’s two syllable name into one, Brine. I’m not even poking all that much fun, because I do LOVE LOVE LOVE those accents, I tell you.

      My name is a one-syllable word that my family makes into two. You’d love it.

      I’d have said southern accents, but like I said, my dad’s family is from Oklahoma and they talk like that too. Hell, my mom’s family is from Southern Illinois and they might as well have been from Kentucky with their accents too.

      Depending on where in Southern IL, it might not be that far geographically from KY. Hard to remember sometimes, but those two states do share a border.

  2. In the abbreviated version of this post in my reader, I saw “football” and “Andy Griffith” and thought “That must be ‘What it Was, Was Football’.” And then I clicked through and found that, indeed, it was. I used to think that my father might well have been Andy Griffith’s long-lost half-brother. (I’m still not sure this isn’t true.)

    Which would make you Opie’s cousin?

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