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Don’t Drive Angry

You’ve gotta check your mirrors.  Just…side of your eye, side of your eye.

I love that damned movie.

“OK campers, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties ‘cuz it’s COOOOLD out there today!”
“It’s COOOLD out there every day.  What is this, Miami Beach?”
“Not hardly!”

Bad news, folks.  I saw my shadow today. You know what that means – another six weeks of my bullshit and bike talk.

But I’ve always thought that if I could choose to relive one day of my life over and over, it would be a day in the first couple of weeks in February, 1995 – when I was a fourth-year in college, the world was my oyster, and I was just realizing that I was crazily in love with Dys.  I can still remember that feeling, and it’s still intoxicating.

What about you?  What happens if you do or don’t see your shadow today?  What day would you choose to live over and over again if you had to?  (And would you rob armored cars every morning like Phil?  I know I damn well would.)


7 Responses

  1. Let’s go, boys, you’re playing yesterday’s tape.

    I told you. Call me Bronco.

    • She works in the dress shop, and makes noises like a chipmunk when she gets real excited.

      I can do this all day. I have it virtually memorized.

      Excellent. 😀

  2. I don’t know that there are any days I would want to do over and over, but there are certainly minutes and hours that I wouldn’t have minded borrowing Adam Sandler’s pause button on his “universal remote” from ‘Click’. 😀

    While I haven’t seen that movie, I will just go ahead and say “hell yeah!”

  3. December 31st, 2006, the day I met my husband. Ok, it was the wee hours. I worked swing-graveyard-until the work was done so meeting was hard to schedule. From the first moment he stepped out of his car, I knew we were meant to be together.

    Too cool!

  4. I agree with Iamheatherjo, no days I would want to do over but moments, like yesterday when we heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. I wouldn’t mind replaying that over and over.

    Awwwwww. 🙂

    Plus I would totally rob banks and armored trucks, but only if i could keep the money and not get caught at the end of it.

    Well, the point of the movie was even if you DID get caught – who gives a rip? You wake up the next morning in the same bed in the same PJs with the same song playing on the radio, with the big fat RESET button firmly pressed.

    You could have some fun times that way. Before you got firmly sick of it.

  5. But just think….

    ….only 41 more days until daylight savings starts!

    I’m gonna start saving some daylight right now, so I have a little in the bank for when it really starts.

  6. Sometime in early June, 1994. I was in England with my family, on a post graduation trip, and we had spent the night in a bed and breakfast built into the Caerphilly Castle wall. We got up that morning, ate a surprisingly delicious breakfast (after a week plus of shockingly bad breakfasts, this was key) and then spent the day slowly touristing our way down to Caernarfon. It was beautiful, the scenery was unspeakably gorgeous, and the people we encountered all day long were beyond friendly and helpful and full of delightful stories and helpful tips.

    Once we got to Caernarfon, we found this bookstore built into a cellar below a pub. Imagine the undercroft of a castle, with tall arches of stone filled in with bookshelves. It smelled of old wood, ancient stone and books; pretty much my vision of a perfect place.

    I spent more than a two hundred pounds sterling on books that day, carried them back to the inn we stayed at, and fell asleep listening to the BBC forecast perfect weather again the next day while a gentle breeze and the sounds of gulls still fishing in the Menai Strait drifted in through the open windows.

    Sure, there have been days with moments I would love to live again, and many things that were more important to me from kids to spouses to really great bottles of scotch and the perfect cigar. But as “whole days” go, that is the one that I’d re-live repeatedly by choice.

    Wow. That vision of an undercroft full of books is just astounding – I’d love to have that experience someday myself.

    Thanks for sharing, BP/CP!

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