Quick Hits

First off, HEAR YE, HEAR YE, for the forgetful among you, the next radio show is a week from tonight!  Mark your calendars, text it into your PDA, write it on your hand in blue ink, whatever you need to do!

I’ll be premiering my new radio show theme song (all 30 seconds or so of it) at the very beginning for those of you who are interested.  The only people who have heard it so far are the ones who actually offered an opinion on how it should sound.  Except Steve, because I utterly failed on the “Hot for Teacher” part, dude.

Probably not a good enough incentive to get people to tune in right at the dot of 10 Eastern, but wtf, right?


Boy is feeling better, although he’s crashing out pretty damned easily.  He fell asleep on the floor in his sleeping bag last night in the middle of an Iron Maiden documentary.  And it was HELL to wake him up just to get him to go to bed.  (He takes after his mother that way.)


I have to turn in all my accomplishments and crap from last year to my boss by the end of the day tomorrow.  Every year I look at the list and say, “That’s a short list to look at it, but FUCK it was a lot of work!  Can’t I pad it out like a college essay to make it look better?”


In related news, I have a big meeting later today to pitch a work project that I’m actually excited about (for a change).  For that reason, I’m wearing a tie for the second day in a row. I even threw on a dash of cologne that I bought as a Christmas present for Dys so I even smell kinda good.

Peanut gallery:  “You still look horrible, though.”
Me:  True.  And:  Thhbbpptttt.

But I really am excited about this.  My co-conspirators are equally excited.  And if the lawyers throw up any more blockades, I think we’ll collectively nad-punch them.


As I twittered this morning, I did curls for the first time in about 2 years this morning and FUCKING HELL my arms hurt.  I can get them to about a 150-degree angle just fine, but straightening them all the way out to a 180-degree straight line?  Fuckin’ ow.

I just had to interject that, because it’s a dull background noise for my day.  But generally I’m saving all my exercise-related words for No Butts, so if you want more head that way.  And if you don’t, well, you’ll be less bored over here.  (At least in that respect.)


Enough from me; shit to do!  Y’all have a good’un.


2 Responses

  1. […] old friend OOF As I briefly mentioned today over on my own space, I reintroduced myself to my old friend OOF yesterday by doing curls for the […]

  2. Huh! I have to do my accomplishments doc today, too.

    Mine ended up not looking too bad. Still hope yours looks better!

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