Public Service Announcement

Ladies and gentlemen,

The No Butts Crew is officially rockin’ again.

Lock up your exercise equipment.  And probably your chocolate.  Just to be safe.

That is all.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog reading, already in progress…


2 Responses

  1. But I need my chocolate…

    If you need it, you should DEFINITELY lock it up. And keep the key in your bra. On second thought, your shoe. Some of us No Butts people might be more likely to say “fuck it” and search your bra than the shoe.

  2. I keep semi-sweet choco chips in my drawer at work. 30 chips are something like 70 cal. I don’t usually that many chips.

    Oh, and I ran 4 mi this morning, and I ordered a Bender Ball off of Amazon to tone up my tum.

    Hmm. The Dove dark chocolates I keep in my drawer are about 40 cals each, and I usually eat 2-4 a day. I know I need to cut back. But still…nom nom nom.

    1h of hillclimb on the elliptical last night for me…

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