Monday Music

Hoo boy.  First, I’m tempted to blow my self-imposed rule of never repeating a Monday Music song, and my self-imposed preference (not quite a rule) to not re-use an artist twice in one year.  Because HOLY SHIT Devin Townsend rocked my world last Friday night.  All told, all of the bands were excellent, and I think I’ll save the blog about the show for later (maybe today, maybe tomorrow).

But I’ll resist the temptation.  Barely.  Instead, I’ll post a song from one of the other bands on Friday night.  Highly technical jazz-metal?  Yes, please.

Cynic, “Integral Birth”

Or, if you wanna see something similar to what I did, try this live version of the same tune.

I’ll probably use another song from one of the OTHER bands as MM next week, because WOW.  So yeah, it was a good night.

More to come!  Woo!


One Response

  1. Glad you had fun!

    It WAS fun; more about that later!

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