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Nothing like dumping $1200 into repairs on  a ten-year-old car to start off a long weekend.  Unless it’s capping the long weekend with a steak dinner, preheating the oven to make fries, and having your wife say, “What smells like it’s burning?”

She opened the oven door to find a one-inch section of the heating element had broken OFF and was lying on the bottom of the oven.  Meanwhile, the remaining element was arcing to the farthest contact like there was a tiny welding fairy taking his new equipment for a merry little test drive.

Luckily, it looks like replacing the element is a job we can do ourselves, and the part will run about $25-50.  But holy crap, seeing that big spark-shitting arc happening in your kitchen will make your eyes go wide.


4 Responses

  1. ACK. Glad your house didn’t catch fire!

    I was sitting there thinking, “Hmm. No household fire extinguisher, eh? Not that I think it’s imminent, but…What do you use to stop an electrical fire?”

  2. Had this EXACT same experiance about a year ago. We were without an oven for about 20 days. It sucked.

    And, I’m also glad your shit didn’t burn up.

    20 days? CRAPOLA.

    And yeah. Me too.

  3. The element thing is borderline COOL…since no one got hurt. Stuff like this is a reminder that life is dangerous sometimes.

    And that stuff that you never, ever expected can sometimes happen. I guarantee that I never once thought I’d see an arc like that happening inside my house. (Although with our wiring, maybe I should have.)

  4. Egads, I have had this happen to me as well! Damned scary! Glad you were there to catch it before it got more dramatic… drama sucks sometimes!

    New element blessings!


    You too? Damn! Thanks for the thoughts, JRM.

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