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Monday Music

Ah, holidays.  The ability to sleep in and post in my sweatpants.

I’ve paused in my devouring of Radiohead to prepare myself to see one of my main musical heroes/inspirations this week:  the one and only Devin Townsend.  So I finally picked up his most recent record, the second of his four-album “Devin Townsend Project” series, Addicted.  So far?  HELL YES.  The directions this guy can take things never fail to amaze the shit out of me.

This is a song from that album.  It was originally written and recorded by Dev on his one-off, half-joke album Ziltoid the Omniscient, in which Dev did all the writing, played all the instruments (even the drums, with the aid of a software package), all the production, etc.  Basically made the thing out of his basement – only his basement studio is fairly killer.  And he’s also got this little thing the kids call “talent.”

The story goes, Dev was thinking for this new project that he’d like to have a female vocalist work with him.  And right about that time, he got an email from Anneke van Giersbergen, former singer of The Gathering and present leader of Agua de Annique, saying “Hey, I thought you’d like to see this – this is my band covering your tune “Hyperdrive.”  Maybe we could work together sometime!”  Dev listened, was boggled, and emailed back more or less saying “How fast can you get to Canada?”

He liked it so much that they re-recorded “Hyperdrive” for the new album, with Anneke on vocals.  This is the version from “Addicted.”

I think a lot of you will like this.  (Hey Crisitunity – including you.  Splashdown-esque in some ways?)

By comparison, here’s a link to Dev’s original from the Ziltoid album.  I kinda like it a little more, but it’s a bit more aggro, so that’s par for the course.

The last time I saw Dev was in the same venue, opening for Opeth.  I’d barely heard of the guy before then; I came away that night as a fan.  I’ll be in the crowd again cheering the man on later this week, happy to get to see one of my biggest inspirations up close and personal (very small venue, woo!) again.  It is a little humbling when a dude can sit down and decide to make a joke album centered around a hand puppet and it’s better than anything you could ever do.  But hey.


3 Responses

  1. I’ll listen when I get home. Promise. Did Dys like Splashdown at all?

    Honestly, I don’t know if she’s listened to much of anything music-wise in months. I’ll have to ask her.

    • Having listened: meh. Not really my thing.

      *snaps fingers* Crud. Oh well.

      There’s another tune on here that you may like, but I’ll save it for a little later.

  2. Well, I am about the least educated music person in the world, but I will run this by Bing, my partner with the music degrees….

    Very nice! If she likes heavy stuff, she may well appreciate it. You also have to not hate the “wall of sound” style of music production – which some people, including my wife, do. I like layers upon layers upon layers, but that’s just me.

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