I have nothing of interest to say.  I’m just in a pretty good mood and want to share it.  So, fickety fackety fockety foo.

You’re welcome.

Happy Friday!


3 Responses

  1. A good mood? How in the world did that happen? And when do I get my turn?

    I gots no answer to either question, man.

    As for the latter – maybe when, just as you’re looking at some jackhole’s face and thinking, “Well, I have my next blog idea, at least” a port-a-potty falls off a truck, slams through the wall, and kills them instantly, without making a mess of the place (other than him/her)?

  2. GUFFAW! I guess I’m switching teams…

    Happy Friday, my friend!

    Switch teams? At least wait to see if she can actually shoot the thing. 😉

    In your defense, the bow IS camouflage! It’s supposed to be hard to see!

    Happy Fry-dee!

  3. Huh. You’ve got something there, pal! A random porta-potty crushing could cheer me up. I’m sure when the news came (I’d only do the interview with a friend of mine who’s a news camera man. I support my friends) I’d be on the live shot at 6, looking ever so shaken, when the reporter asked me what happened I’d choke back the emotion and say,

    “There was shit and piss EVERYWHERE! I’m telling ya, the guy died of horror with his lungs full of shit and piss long before the wall collapsed turning him into a goo pancake.”

    I feel much better knowing I could get that in within the eight seconds it would take for them to get me off the air.


    Thanks, TB! I’ve come down with what you have!

    A funny story about the camera guy. He was above my work in a copter and had the station call me. Someone asked for me, telling me my friend sent him and said,

    “We’re looking for a dead body. Do you know anything about it?”

    “Dude! That’s the worst attempt at a confession ever.”

    Yeah, we all know the real sickos always come back to the crime scenes to watch the cops work. This guy is taking it to a whole ‘nother level.

    *groans from the audience*

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