A quick question & a funny

If I may take a quick opinion poll…

For various reasons (last night, it was Cub Scouts and then Watchmen in HD), I haven’t gotten back to the mixing board to do any more recording in the past several days.  But I’m thinking about it quite often, and I have at least been able to keep up my guitar practice (even working in some bass practice on every third day or so, woohoo!).  It’s something I foresee being heavily involved in over the coming months and hopefully years.

My question is, as I finish stuff that I want to put out there…What’s the best way to share music with you guys?  Email mp3’s or provide ’em for download?  Streaming audio on the blog or via YouTube, etc?  Snail-mail you an old-fashioned CD?  (I don’t have a vinyl cutter or an 8-track mastering facility.)

I’m just curious.

For funny’s sake, since I’ve been pretty pissy lately (especially given the weather), I give you one of my favoritest cartoons ever.  Ah, Tex Avery…


3 Responses

  1. Buy a vinyl cutter. I will not accept your noodling any other way.

    You got it. Cylinders. Edison-style up in dis bitch.

  2. Love the cartoon. Im not sure, can we download mp3s to iTunes, then iPod them??

    You should be able to. I can also email them to ya.

    Sorry, Maleesha, your comment was sent to spam for some reason so there may have been a delay in me getting back to you. (Don’t feel bad, apparently ALL of my comments on Crisitunity’s blog have been sent to spam for the last month or two!)

  3. Look. Musicians are fickle people. Tell us how you are going to put them out and then tell us that you don’t care if we listen or not. This is Rock and Roll…f*ck us!

    Or maybe an mp3…

    I think I can only say “Fuck the fans” after my first gold album. Up until then, I’m your bitch, I think.

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