That Time Again

That’s right – radio show tomorrow night, 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific!

I’m thinking just general new-year stuff as a topic – the year in review, the year ahead, resolutions, forecasts, etc etc etc.  I’d be glad to have anybody else come by and shape the direction of the conversation; it could be fun!  (I said “could.”)

As a bonus, I’m thinking of premiering the song I recorded on Christmas Eve.  What say ye, people?  Should I throw in some music to liven things up, or just keep with the jibba-jabba?

Any other topics I/we should discuss?  Name ’em in the comments!


4 Responses

  1. I’d love to hear the song! I should be able to call in, Bill will be up north overnight and poor widdle ol’ me will be wonewey.

    Oh, you’ll hear it one way or another anyway. It’s just a matter of whether or not I spend 5 minutes of show time to play the thing. 😀

  2. […] Plan: I have meetings galore today so I won’t be able to walk the circumference of the campus like I wanted to. So, cardio (and some light weights) tonight, plus I’m going to make some updates to the Sandstone website so that tomorrow night will be free to dial into Taoist Biker’s radio show. […]

  3. I am so going to call in this time!!!!!


  4. […] with working out, some on-line work, and eating leftover Chinese food prior to Taoist Biker’s radio show. I like to keep busy when Bill’s […]

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