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Should Old Acquaintance…

I have a funny relationship to “Auld Lang Syne” since that’s the tune my alma mater is sung to.  (Yes, really.)  So the tune dredges up memory atop memory atop memory of the perfume of Old Crow and Coke, an Oxford shirt and a tie, and swaying tipsily with my arms around my friends’ shoulders on autumn Saturdays.  Not so much with the confetti and champagne in the wintertime.  But still…

I want to put aside the post that I should have done last night that went something like “Do you KNOW that in the past week I’ve dreamt about at least half of the people in my blogroll?  How’s that for withdrawal?!?” and “Five below without the wind chill??  Okay, now I remember why we moved south.” and “The roads were so bad when we left that Dys’s dad loaded Dys and Boy and followed me in the car for the first hundred miles.”  I’ll shunt that aside and look back on the year that was.

Why the hell do we save all this stuff up?  All of my triumphs and failures and high-fives and misgivings over the past year, when stacked together, would require WAY too much alcohol to properly put to bed.  I saw Andy Rooney bitching about the New Year on 60 Minutes the other day (this is what happens when you crash in a moderately cranky 60-year-old dude’s house) and I have to admit, his idea that we celebrate the new year on September 1st isn’t a bad one…but better yet, why store it all up?  Why not screw the new year entirely, and celebrate New Month Eve every 28-30 or so?  Live a little more in the present?  Keep up the continuity of life?  Keep it all to a scale in which one good drunk can encompass the whole shebang?

Well, no, that’ll probably never fly.  But it’s worth a thought, and possibly an old college try.

2009 was a funny year for me.  I flirted quite strongly with a career change (and I still think I would have been great at it) before re-committing to my current one.  It’s been a fantastic year with the boy, who is steadily growing to be a more interesting companion with each passing day.  The blog here…well, I tried the Blip FM thing for a while before neglecting it utterly, but on the other hand, this has been the year that the radio show has been gloriously resurrected and that’s been a whole lot of fun for me, and I hope others as well.  (Speaking of which, for those of you who always say “I forgot!” it’ll be NEXT THURSDAY NIGHT!)

Generally, though, the blog has stagnated a bit, mostly because I haven’t had the same time and energy to put into it that I did in the previous year, mostly because the demands on my time both at work and at home continue to increase.  I think I also sort of lapsed into “Dear Diary” mode more so than philosophizing or using it as a creative outlet or just plain makin’ with the funny.  I hope to do a little better with that in the coming year…even if I decline to hold myself to some unrealistic standard of everyday perfection.  It may be that my creative drive will find more of an outlet through my music as this year goes by, and if that’s the case, I’ll be ecstatic as I use this space to share it.  Still, y’all know better than to think I’d actually fucking SHUT UP for a while.  I’ll do what I do, and try to do better, and that’s good enough.  The Tao will find its way to me better than I can find my way to it.

What I’ll mostly remember about this year, I think, is that I was able to better get to know a tiny handful of people who end the year closer to my thoughts and my heart than they began it.  In that regard, I have to say that I’ve been a very lucky man.

May you all find yourselves in the thoughts and hearts, and preferably in the presence, of the people closest to yours this evening.  Let old acquaintance never be forgot.


3 Responses

  1. Happy New Year, TB. That’s awesome news about your son. I recently reconnected with an old friend whose teenage son has asperger’s…it’s been interesting to see how they deal with some social issues I’d never considered. Gave me a whole new appreciation.

    It’s definitely different – but not always worse. 🙂

    Happy new year to you, Allison!

  2. Well this actually made me tear up a little bit and I’m not even PMS-ing! Happy New Year; I hope this is going to be a great one for all of us chickens.


    Happy new year to you, too, Kim!

  3. I notice you didn’t mention what TYPE of dreams you were having. Tsk, tsk, tsk, starting the year on a perv note. How you!

    It varied. None were sexual, though, thank god. I hope that didn’t disappoint you TOO much!

    It’s been an interesting year, I’ll give you that. Sometimes what I do seems to be so much wheel spinning. I do the meetings, write the crap, get far enough just to have to start all over. It frustrates the piss out of me (so you can imagine how the loved ones react. You’d think they were doing the work!) so I often drift to the quote of a friend of mine who wrote for a few very successful TV shows, had options on ten or twelve movies scripts (that means he got money but never made it all the way. Although they did pay for a very nice house) and generally was consider hot for a time. But, when he cooled off (for no discernible reason. He still writes great stuff) he’d say that he just wanted to chuck it all and sell balloons in the park.

    Sometimes that doesn’t seem a bad option.

    What was that old rom-com with Christian Slater playing a former investment banker turned florist? He said something like “I don’t make any money, but at least people are always happy to see me.”

    As long as you live someplace warm.

    I’d probably do better with shovels and long johns.

    Or like the Simpsons character (during the Springfield heat wave), have an ice cream truck and convert it into a Chili Wagon?

    Hope you and yours have a great year, TB, and you continue to enjoy all who have the taste to stop by.

    The same to you, my brother in Shinedomeitude!

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