Monday Music

Still in the Midwest, and DAMN IT’S COLD.

Also, this just in:  Sky Blue.  More at 11.

I know where I was ten years ago today – getting over one hell of a case of the flu, so bad that we quarantined ourselves for Christmas and my mother-in-law and her mother dropped off food on our porch but didn’t come inside.  Heh.

Still, this is my last Monday Music for the year, and you don’t think I’d miss it, do ya?  HELL NO.  I debated all sorts of things to wrap up the year, but I’m gonna leave off some of the more inspirational stuff for next week as the first of a new year.  2009 wasn’t a bad year, as years, go but I am hereby declaring 2010 to be my year. So let it be written; so let it be done.

Shadows Fall, “The Light That Blinds”

This clip is of the drummer, Jason Bittner, giving a master class performance in front of an audience of drummers.  WOW this guy is fantastic.

Back home in a few days, folks…in the meantime, enjoy the closing days of this decade!


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