I’ve got my professional association on my butt about three separate projects, I’ve got a serious project of my own I’m trying to wrap up before the holidays, and I’ve been invited to two mystery meetings today about which I know the topic but absolutely zero specifics about what they want from me.  One of which said I had 20-30 minutes, “with time for questions.”


You know, people, I REALLY want to be working on my music and my MotoGP Year In Review post that is sorely overdue…

I’ll post up when I can, folks.  In the meantime, I flap my Grinch tie toward you in an appropriately jolly manner.


2 Responses

  1. Well now you’ve made me curious to know what the meetings were about!

    This one, and presumably the next one, were just work stuff. It’s just one of those things where not knowing really what they wanted made it like an open-ended final exam. I had to be prepared for anything.

    Luckily I’m fairly secure in the fact that I know my stuff.

  2. Speaking of miscellaneous whatnot, have you seen “The People Speak” on the History Channel?

    Not yet, I’ll have to check that out!

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