Take Two

Okay, I was going for a clever and hopefully pleasant surprise, but apparently I suck at it.  So, let’s try this again.


Hey y’all, I composed a song in GarageBand.  I even recorded some live guitar tracks for it. Would any of you like to hear it?  I can send it to you!  Just leave a comment with your email address!

Let’s see if that works.


I’m actually QUITE excited about this (probably excessively so, but who gives a fuck?) and I’d love to share with whoever’s interested!


3 Responses

  1. Consider me INTERESTED.

    I didn’t know whether to send to Yahoo or Gmail, so I sent to Yahoo. Holler if I shold send it elsewhere!

  2. Let me in your club…

    Admission is cheap!

  3. Well, if you put it THAT way, of course I want to hear it!!

    I’m purdy sure you know my address.

    And for the record, you might suck at clever and pleasant surprises but I suck at the whole “ask me for passwords for secret entries” and “let me know if you want to hear the secret Monday Music” stuff. I always figure if someone wants me to read/hear somethin’…they’ll let me know. LoL 😀

    Well thhbbbbppppptttttt to that.

    On its way. 😉

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