Monday Music

I’m out of the office today, so I’m doing a Monday Music in absentia.  To make it up to all of you, this will be a Very Special Episode of Monday Music.

Today’s track is by request only.  If you want it (or are just morbidly curious), leave me a comment here or send me an email (see sidebar for address) and I’ll email it to you tonight or tomorrow morning.

Those of you who receive it, feel free to post comments here.

That’s it and that’s all.  I think it’s enough.  (I hope so!)


3 Responses

  1. Said it before and I’ll say it again. Righteous, dude!

  2. Ahem! Why has it not already been sent to me? I’ll have to assume you’ve just been very, very, VERY busy!

    I’d love to hear it, boyo. I saw a video clip and thought of you. Someone tied their Christmas decorations up to guitar hero.

    Heh. Awesome.

    It’s on its way, man.

  3. Saying I’m surprised infers I didn’t think you could pull it off so that’s not it. I was very impressed and entertained. Great feel, nice guitar work, great beat. I played it twice in a row and it stuck. I can’t wait to see what else you do. Good work, TB.

    You know, it stuck in my head, too, which is when I knew I was onto something.

    Thanks, man! More will come!

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