Quick Hits

An already-abbreviated day made even shorter by meetings, so…


The Devin Townsend Project has a new album out!  Two of his four hoped-for albums actually made it out in 2009.  Quite awe-inspiring when you really think about it.  Check samples, etc. at their e-card!  I’m excited to see ex-The Gathering vocalist Anneke performing on the album.  If she performs on tour as well, I’ll be even more so – lady has an awesome voice.  I’ve already got mah ticket for a show in January, and I’m listening to “Universe in a Ball” right now on the e-card site.  Rock on!


I took Boy shopping for his mom for Christmas yesterday (successfully, joy!).  I was thinking that his half-day of school would put us out there away from all the nutty crowds.  Apparently, I was wrong.  WTF?  I think the public schools were all still in for a whole day, and I saw basically no kids, but holy crap there were people EVERYWHERE.  We finally gave up waiting in line at one place and went to a whole separate store.  Haven’t you people ever heard of online shopping?

Boy also passed over my offer of lunch out yesterday in order to get back home to the dog a little faster.  Cute.  Of course, now he wants us to go out to dinner sometime.  Heh.


Deerburgers (although not advertised as such) were a relative success.  Glad to put that meat my father-in-law brought us (unbidden) to some good use since Dys didn’t want to eat it.


I shouldn’t have gone shopping while hungry.  I bought candy.  And I haven’t been in a gym since Thanksgiving, and probably won’t be back until the New Year where I’ll be battling with all the damned resolutionaries for a slot.  ARGH.

Hmm.   Some chocolate seems to make me feel better.  NOM NOM NOM.





It is cold as hell today with single-digit wind chills and it has come TOO SOON.  I want to flip off the weather gods, but anybody who’s planning a multi-state drive through the Midwest in the next few weeks knows better.


Generally, though, things are cool in Dudeville.  That’s awfully nice.

Hope you all are having a good Thursday!


7 Responses

  1. Online shopping… This will be the second year I’ve whole-heartedly embraced it to keep me out of the mad crush of people that will be in the stores. It’s been a wonderful, wonderful thing!

    Shopping for the next 14 days will not be slow at any time of day given the season. Everyone will be out in force looking for that last minute, absolutely perfect gift for their significant other, Uncle Bob, brother, Cousin Mindy, etc. And parents will be taking full advantage of the school day to do their Christmas shopping for their kids. Because, well, when else can they go?

    Between training for a 5k, farm chores and the extra hauling of water during this cold snap, I’m staying plenty active and busy.

    Peppermint bark. My downfall was peppermint bark. I lost the battle of wills with it. However, I do not think we will be buying more. It just doesn’t have the same allure it did for me in years past. The memories of it’s pepperminty deliciousness are now all tainted with mediocre-ness of this batch. Or, maybe my tastes are changing? One can only hope!

    You’re training for a 5k AND doing farm chores? I’d think the chores would do double-duty!

    Peppermint has never really been my thing, but I do enjoy some bark every now and then.

  2. Speaking of your pal Devin, have you watched any of the episodes of Metalocalypse?

    Have I EVER watched ANY? 😀

    Season 1 is sitting on my shelf at home and the rest are on my wish list.

    I think I’m a cross between Pickles and Toki. (Mostly Toki.)

  3. You know, I kind of love your Quick Hits entries.

    Kinda like a day’s worth of Twitter entries all at once?

  4. Christmas shopping…SHIT!!!!!

    And I only have ONE person to buy for. I really do a good job, but I guess that I really ought to get cracking…THANKS FOR THE REMINDER!!!!

    You’re welcome!

    (A treadmill is always a nice choice. And flavored condoms for stocking-stuffers.)

  5. I miss you 😦

    Ditto that, babe.

  6. Resolutionaries. Heh.

    *bow* I’ll be here all week. Oh wait – the week’s almost over. NM!

  7. Don’t worry I haven’t been to the gym in like a month…it’s rough times, just gotta kick it in the new year ! 🙂 (and enjoy the chooclate in the mean time…)

    I’ll gladly take your advice on both points!

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