Monday Music

In honor of the first (meager and probably soon-to-be-gone, but enough to cause a handful of dumbasses to crash on every interstate for three counties…sigh) snowfall of the year, I hereby post a song that is appropriate, that I like quite a bit, but that maybe only 1 of you will similarly appreciate.  Hey, a lot like my MotoGP posts!

Agalloch, “Falling Snow”

Wow.  Another year of MM’s almost in the books.  It’s starting to freak me out a little bit.  And I’m not just talking about the MMs.


One Response

  1. Hey TB, how are you doing?? Today, we had a balmy 32C day on the Gold Coast, the sweat!! Would give my SOUL for some snow!! Enjoy it!

    32C? That’s a good surface temperature for the racetrack, but a little toasty for people! (It frequently gets that hot here between late May and early September, though.)

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