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Strange Horizons

Many (many) thanks to Laura Tiffany Lady Chick Bitch Hansel whatever her damned name is for calling in to the radio show last night, where we had a good ol’ time and didn’t even talk over each other too much.  I think we spent most of the time talking about our upcoming Rinn Dezz Voo in Indianapolis for the MotoGP race next year, with me providing some Cliff’s Notes for what kinds of things a F1 fan like Tiff and Bill can expect from a GP race. (I still need to finish that GP Season Review – hopefully next week!)

But then the conversation took a turn (well, besides that brief one) and we spent quite a bit of time talking about Arizona and its oddities, with comparisons to our respective East Coast homes for context, and that was quite enjoyable.  And probably more people will be interested in that than my random rambling about the GP’s.

Interested?  Click on over to the radio show page and you can give it a listen.  Click the “play” button under “Big plans and strange environments” – or, for that matter, click any of the other titles thereunder and listen to other recent shows.

Thanks again, Tiffany!


6 Responses

  1. 😀 I had fun!

    And here is Valley Fever, defined:


    Me too! Thanks for the linkage; I reiterate, that is some crazy shit. Proof that mankind and the desert aren’t exactly BFF’s.

  2. Oh now that’s funny; I work for Southern California physicians and am very familiar with Valley Fever. Who would have guessed that topic would come up?

    I’m interested to hear the Cliff Notes version of what to expect when you’re headed for the Indy GP. We’ve talked about it a lot already, but I’m curious to see if I have different thoughts on it than TB does.

    I suppose I talked more about GP racing in general and less on Indy in particular, but I’d still be interested to hear your take, and I’m sure Tiffany and Bill would agree.

  3. Closed my office door and listening now in order to drown out my neighbor who’s BEEN SINGING CHRISTMAS SONGS EVERY DAY THIS WEEK.

    Once? Fine. Every day? Curable by selective application of 00 Buck.

    If you haven’t, I definitely recommend you (and the other ladies) listen to the one Dys co-hosted with me. Heheheh.

  4. She Jonny Lang’d you! Brilliant! It’s a TB valium.

    Boy, I know someone who’s never going to get a job with the Phoenix Real Estate Association. “Come for the sun leave with some spores!”

    I dated a Cubs fan. They make Red Sox fans seem normal.

    Ewwwwwww. Helmet stew!

    Wow, I learned more about motogp than I ever thought I would. That was pretty cool. It sure seemed as if you were having fun.

    Nice job, TB and Tiffany. It was a cool way to spend an hour.

    It was indeed; gracias!

  5. I figure this is as good a place as any to ask, what do you think of this seasons Mythbusters?

    I think it’s been a little uneven, but that’s somewhat true of all the Mythbusters seasons, I guess.

    The demolition one wasn’t all that great, although the remote steering rig for the “Speed” bus was cool, and the looks on Kari and Tori’s faces when that car went right over the barricade after smashing the fruit stand or whatever it was was priceless. Several others were so-so at best, including the Alaska special, the seesaw, the swimming in syrup, etc.

    However, the duct tape episode was pretty cool, and the dirty car/golf ball dimple and “let’s get Grant and Tori drunk” episode was damned funny. Especially when Grant puked before they even started the chair. This recent water-heater rocket and cutting the car in half with the rocket sled was pretty badass as well.

    Of course I’m sad that Kari’s out on maternity leave, thereby reducing my drooling time, but the recent one with Jessi with the dude getting sucked up into the diver’s helmet? More awesomeness.

  6. Yeah, I’m feeling the unevenness but I think it’s more so than from other seasons. But the unevenness is to be expected due to the subject. I think this year they’re relying on explosions too much (I know! I bet you’d never hear me say that). It just seems off. I thought it may have been because it’s now two shows: The Jamie and Adam show (with Jamie seeming even more disinterested than usual) and the Tori, Grant, and Kari (now Jessi) show. There’s been no interaction between those groups and I think that adds to the off-kilter year. I’ll still watch it but I’m wary.

    Quite true. The show may have gotten a tad too big for itself.

    That hangover-episode was still excellent, though. I LOVE that thing.

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