This morning:

Me:  “So, should I take two-thirds of that leftover candy to work and give it to the student who’s already blown through his meal plan?  You know, to save us from ourselves?”

Dys:  “Uh…NO.”

Me:  “…   You hate my skinny jeans, don’t you?”


6 Responses

  1. I was sticking to my “meal plan” just fine until Halloween night after the trick-or-treaters were gone (I was out of candy an hour into it). There was pizza at the party we went to. NOT FAIR. 😉

    *I* bought one bag of candy for the trick-or-treaters. *SHE* threw in about three more. We had about 10 kids come by. Yeesh.

  2. I blew the whole diet thing when I made cookies for Dude’s lunch last week. Luckily, the intruders ate a good part of them for me, removing temptation.

    Halloween candy always smells so good. Oddly though, this year I’m not all ga-ga for it.

    Send some of your not ga-ga this way, willya! Halp!


    • The smell seemed to have been enough to satisfy. I haven’t denied myself any. But maybe that’s the secret. It’s not forbidden, so I want it less?

      It’s not working for me!

  3. Today my blood chocolate content dipped. Finally. until then I would have flunked a breathalizer. You know, if they had one to detect over consumption of chocolate.

    I think I’ve still got a day to go before my binge is over.

  4. I’ve been an absolute disgrace recently. A complete, and utter disgrace. Mind you, I have to say I did not eat one single piece of Halloween candy this year- Ian ate it all (nearly) before the trick or treaters could get there!

    Uh, well, good for Ian? Good for you? Shame on both of you? I’m trying to decide how to respond. 😉

  5. I lost the battle two days ago. I gave into temptation.

    ‘Twas a valiant resistance nonetheless. Let’s face it – we’re always outnumbered.

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