Happy Halloween!

I’m feeling much more bouncy today.  Partially because it’s Friday, partially because people are all Halloweened-up around here, but mostly because FellowNerd fessed up his feelings to his young lady and got a big, big smile and a “me too!” from her!  Hooray!  Nice Guys sometimes win!!!!

In honor of the holiday, I give you one of my favorite clips from one of my favorite movies ever.

GAWD I miss Madeline Kahn.

I’ll be watching that movie tonight, and laughing as hard as I always do.  Hmm – I remember seeing it as a kid on TV…wonder if it’s appropriate for Boy quite yet…


3 Responses

  1. That’s a good one! I think I’m watching ‘Trick or Treat’ tonight and listening to the awesome Fastway soundtrack. I still, to this day, am put off that the ‘villian’ in the movie, Sammi Curr…was a Solid Gold Dancer though. BUT Ozzy, Gene Simmons AND Skippy Handleman are in it so I’ll just call it alllllll good. 😀

    My favorite of those old 80’s movies is “Shock ‘Em Dead,” starring Traci Lords and with Michael Angelo Batio doing the finger-double work on the guitar. 😀

  2. My friend Brian was watching Young Frankenstein on tv the other night with one of his kids (I think she’s 9 or 10) and she looked and him and said “Daddy, I don’t like these gray movies.”


    Boy said the same thing. “Why is everything all grey?” but he accepted the explanation that it was in homage to the old horror movies which were all B&W.

  3. My strongest memory of that movie is going to see it with my mom and dad and my mom literally wetting her pants with laughter so that she had to tie her jacket around her waist to walk out of the theater.

    HAHAHAH! That is awesome!

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