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Phone Calls You Don’t Expect

Yesterday I was leaving my office for a walk across campus when my cell phone rang.  I didn’t recognize the number, but all sorts of people around campus have my cell number and it could have been someone adjusting the meeting I was going to, so in and amongst the crowd of people on the sidewalk I answered.


“Hey, its Sffknixxs with Tblagggleicks, we were just calling to check up on your lobkxoagrrrrb.” the voice on the other end of the phone said, as a huge plane chose that exact moment to fly over the campus on the way to the airport.

I stopped dead in my tracks.  What the hell kind of vendor call was this?

“I’m sorry,” I screamed into the phone, “You’re WHO?  With WHO?  Checking on my WHAT?”

It turns out it was the counter-jockey at my piercer’s shop, calling to check on how my ears were healing up.  My demeanor changed in an instant.  “Oh!  Hey, man, things are going great!  I was pondering emailing [cute piercer] to see about going ahead and stretching them out to 10ga in a month or two, but I wasn’t in any hurry for that.  Other than that, things are great!”

“Well, that’s good to hear,” he said.  “You know how to get ahold of us if there are any problems?”

“Oh yeah, I’m set.”

“Okay, well, thanks!” and he hung up.

Now I’ll be the first to say that it was early afternoon on a weekday, surely their deadest of dead times, and the counter help probably just didn’t have anything better to do.  But I will say, as a customer, that’s a lot better than having them dust shelves or something.  That was actually pretty smooth customer relations, and I appreciated it.

So if you’re ever in, uh, my area, and you want a piercer, give me a buzz and I’ll hook ya up with a recommendation.   Two thumbs up.



5 Responses

  1. Heh. That’s cool. They didn’t check up on me! Oh, but the tattoo parlor did, when I got my gecko.

    My tattoo parlor didn’t, but it was a multi-session deal plus a final touch-up session, so the artist asked me to come in a couple of weeks after the first session so he could see it and decide how soon to start scheduling the color work…and after that I was in there basically once a week for a couple more weeks. He was keeping tabs!

  2. The place in Scottsdale, AZ that did my tummy called to see how I was healing up as well. I thought that was really cool of them.

    Yep yep!

  3. Umm…what all do they pierce?

    In my case, my earlobes. As for what they DO pierce…well, just about anything you’ve got!

  4. I guess, as the skeptic, what would they have done if it wasn’t going so well?

    Told me to come in to have the piercer look at it and/or talked to me about things to do to help correct the problem, I guess, although most of that was covered on the aftercare sheet they gave me at the time…

  5. I’m always so amazed and thankful when I get good customer service that I end up gushing to the person being nice to me. It’s sad that it’s such a rare thing nowadays (damn do I sound old) but I’m glad it happened to you, especially for something like piercings.

    Definitely better than stabbin’ ya and kickin’ ya out the door! 🙂

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