Quick Hits

Very busy, but before I forget…

*Boy earned his Bobcat badge last night.  He was very proud.  He’s finally recovered from the flu enough to go back to school.  And to the Cub Scout meeting last night, of course.

*Dys wore her pirate t-shirt/costume thing last night and was adorable.

*The best costume last night was a kid who was a “biker” – he had a painted-on soul patch, a neck tattoo, an OCC shirt, studded fingerless gloves, and a spiked German-style helmet.  Hysterical.

*I’m wearing a tie for the third day out of the past 7.  I’m not happy.  Dys thinks I’m the hawtness though, so I’ll take it.

*If you can spare a few good thoughts for a Nice Guy, my good friend FellowNerd may or may not, depending upon the moment, make his interest known to a certain young lady tonight or very soon.  Send the man some good thoughts.  He doesn’t need good karma; he’s got plenty of that already.


One Response

  1. A Bobcat badge AND a rock gawd (after 18 more practices)! That’s the life.

    Ain’t it the truth!

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