Monday Music

I am placing the blame for today’s MM squarely upon Vix’s shoulders.  In her defense, she couldn’t have known when she twittered it that this song by a couple of willowy young ladies would turn out to be so autobiographically applicable to my old bald noggin.

Tegan and Sara, “Nineteen”

(The non-live version, with lyrics, can be found here.)

This surprisingly captures a double handful of fleeting moments of utter despair from my Lost Summer of 1996, between the time Dys flew out to meet me for the first time in February and when she moved in with me in September – those long months of trying to figure out where we were both going:  individually and maybe, just maybe, together.  At the time, I can assure you, it was hardly a foregone conclusion, and in the intervening time I walked a long and dark road, straying occasionally along the edges of psychosis.

For the record, I wasn’t nineteen.  I was twenty-two.


One Response

  1. Wow – I’d never heard that before now, amazing song. I sometimes enjoy listening to those gut-wrenchers. It’s a lot easier when time has passed and happiness prevails.

    Agreed on all counts!

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