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Hazardous Duty

I’m leaving Wednesday morning for a business trip in the upper Midwest.  Just in case the frost on the grass here for the last few days wasn’t enough, I’m going to where the highs for the four days I’ll be there range from the low 50’s to 40.  Rain and/or snow showers every day.  Bonus.

I like going and seeing new places, which business travel has afforded me, but I also hate being away from my family.  I generally end up sitting in a hotel room, reading until I can’t stand myself anymore and then watching whatever dreck is on TV in between.  It’s BORING.  If you’d ever sat for two or three days listening to people in my profession talk shop for 7-9 hours a day, you’d know what I mean.

This time, though, I think I’ve got Dys talked into letting me take the laptop.  So on the bright side I should be able to blog and stuff while I’m there.  And since she’s most likely going to be working every night, it gives me the opportunity to ask for volunteers for hazardous duty:  Seeking willing blab partner.  Anybody going to be bored and/or hanging around online Wednesday, Thursday, and/or Friday night?  Wanna shoot the shit?


6 Responses

  1. I make myself available for blab duty, sir! 😀

    Pip-pip, cheerio!

  2. Ah, sounds like you’re coming to Illinois! The weather sucks here.

    Close, but no cigar. Even suckier weather.

  3. I loved traveling for work. I used to go to Saint Paul MN every 6 mos or so. I didn’t stay in the hotel room, I went out and explored every day after work instead.

    Don’t sit in the room. Go see something!

    I usually do for a while. I just hit a wall when I’m exploring by myself because I feel self-conscious being the weird guy walking around alone LOOKING at everything/body. I’ve also been to this place before, although it has been a few years.

    I used to go to a conference at Arizona State once a year. In February. Ah, dreams within dreams. Leaving 30-degree rain to mid-70s sunshine…and 20,000 co-eds in short shorts. And frequently I was there just when Girl Scout Cookies hit the market again, so I could grab a box of Samoas from the little gals at the table outside the library. Double awesome!

  4. Would love to, not too sure about the time difference though!! Plus have two assignments due on 26th, joy. Wanna swap??

    Depends on what the assignments are!

    P.S. Did you watch Phillip Island?? What did you think?? Can’t believe old Casey got it! Seriously thought Rossi might get him, but not to be!!

    I thought the same for a while. I think if Lorenzo had been behind him Rossi would have pulled the pin and gone for it; Jorge in the gravel meant that he knew it was far smarter to bank the 20 points.

    Stoner did look FANTASTIC though – definitely back to his old form. Next year should be a doozy.

    • OMFG, still cannot BELIEVE Hayden and Lorenzo crashed out on the first bloody corner!!! Couldn’t believe my eyes!! Jorge must’ve been spewing- quite possibly his chance of the championship went down the toilet right there- was his own fault though.

      Yep, and he admitted it was a rookie mistake. Too bad.

  5. I’m usually online and chat-available at some point every night; I will be on the look-out for you!


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