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Mopping Up the Foam

As Crisitunity so aptly noted, I was a slavering lunatic the other day when I wrote my rant on the Ralph Lauren photoshop horror.  It took me a good solid hour or so to calm down.

But [Buddy from Night Court]I’m feeling much better now.[/Buddy]

(Am I the only one that remembers Buddy?  HAH!  Finally I find a YouTube clip!  Check 1:25-1:40.)

Anyways, Heather was nice enough to point me toward the continuation of that story over on Yahoo.  The model that was photoshopped?  Her name is Filippa Hamilton.  She’s 5’10” and 120 pounds, and strikingly beautiful.

She was also fired by Lauren for being too fat.

I’m not gonna go all rabid again this time.  Quite.  But still, I say, whiskey tango foxtrot?!?!?

Too fat?  REALLY?

Too fat? REALLY?

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit that if this lovely woman is fired for being too fat, then there is no hope left for the human race.


6 Responses

  1. Well, if you compare those two pictures, you can plainly see she really has let herself go!

    It is an amazing world we live in, ain’t it?

    The sad fact is I’ve been in meetings where the flaws of the flawless have been discussed. I’ve had cameras to my face while someone reminded me to focus on the good side in a place there was no bad. I’ve sat and listened to amazingly good looking people absolutely tear themselves apart.

    So, although the photoshopped pic and this stunning woman’s lack of employability, are things I know exist, I still find sadness for those who are manipulated into thinking it’s real. It’s no more real than the ability to leap over a speeding car or fight a giant monster.

    It’s media magic.

    You’d be amazed how often the picture in front of you has little bearing to the reality of what that person looked like an hour before the lights went hot. If they can take this woman and make her look as if her last meal was an Easter peep just think what they can do to distort the truth.

    You know, I really like that analogy of comparing it to movie special effects. I’m going to have to keep that in mind.

  2. Not 100% sure that I buy 120 pounds in this photo or the covers shown in the article; I mean that’s a minimum of 5 pounds of hair and 6 pounds of boobs there, which leaves 109 for the rest of her, and unless her bones are hollow…

    That, however, isn’t the point. At 5’10” and 130-140, I’d still want to offer her sandwich.

    As for Lauren and all other ridiculous ‘fashion’ stoopids who think gaunt somehow equals beauty, as a fat ass who wears no makeup, doesn’t even use so much as a blow dryer on her hair, and can still turn heads and get laid whenever the hell I want (marriage notwithstanding, don’t over/underread that one), I don’t even need to comment.

    Yeah, lady preach it….HEY!!


  3. Great response (and truth), Dys.

    Fight the power! Don’t buy into what you’re being sold and don’t let ’em tell ya you ain’t great.

    If she does, I sure won’t. 😉

  4. T-t-t-t-too…f-f-f-f-faaaaat? HER?

    That’s all I can say.

    Yeah, what’s the criteria there? “She has BOOBS! Terminate her immediately!!

  5. Her collarbone doesn’t cast a shadow. She’s OUT! LOL.


  6. If she’s too fat, I might as well just put a bullet in my head and be done with it.
    Good God.

    Like I said, no hope for the human race. NONE.

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