Quick Hits

I’m still in a pretty good mood, although not quite as bouncy today.  Nothing the matter really, it’s just hard to be bouncy when it’s 48 and raining outside.  A motherfucker turns brittle in those conditions.


Speaking of which, my office sprung a leak again this morning.  I now have something that looks like a ginourmous tube sock stuffed with cedar chips or something sitting on my window ledge absorbing water.  Somehow I don’t think this will become the intriguing conversation piece that will entice the ladiez.


I locked in again with the guitar today over lunch.  Hard.  I felt so awesome that my hands were a little trembly.  That’s twice in a month – not counting some excellent if not-quite-THERE moments I’ve had at home.  I should have added that to the inventory of all the things that kick ass about my life right now yesterday.


Speaking of things that kick ass, my son looks awfully handsome in his Cub Scout uniform.  Better still?  He kinda recognizes it.


The screaming you heard this morning was me massacring my work email inbox.  It was brutal and ruthless.  I slammed the hell outta that sucker.  It felt good.  If I feel this good tomorrow, then the next victim is my second desk.  Look out, muhfugga!


Honestly?  That’s it, really.  Feeling good, not much else to say.  All y’all have a good day!


One Response

  1. We have the same weather, but I’m not brittle.

    I’m splashy!

    *grits teeth REALLY hard*


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