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Boy, today so far has NOT turned out the way I expected.  Not at all bad; I just expected a quiet day and it’s been crazy.

1)  I moved my Twitter feed from the left to the right.  I like it better; Dys liked it better on the left.  Opinions?  “You’re an idjit, TB” is always a valid choice.

2)  Radio show is officially moved from Thursday night, 10pm Eastern, to Friday night at 10pm.  Anybody that wants to call in is welcome – I’ll post the call-in info etc. on Friday morning.  Still no particular topic other than “fall.”  I know for some of you that’s plenty!


2 Responses

  1. 1) No matter to me…


    *evil grin* Oh, I can’t wait for today’s post from you.

  2. How can I listen to your radio show?

    Feel free to email me if you have time and I’ll definitely subscribe to it.

    There’ll be info on that a little later today!

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