Monday Music

The temperatures have finally started dropping.  Woohoo, autumn is here!

I haven’t posted about this yet, and I may or may not go into more detail in the future, but we finally got a new TV at home:  we boldly entered the 21st century and picked up a flat-screen HDTV.  40″ Samsung.

To compare, our last TV was a 27″ Magnavox that we bought in 1996 or 1997, not long after Dys moved in.  The box was so big that we couldn’t fit it into our car – we ended up calling Dys’s boss from Sam’s Club to have her come over and take the box to our apartment for us.

Now we can finally see all the text of some of our Xbox games.  My poker game, for example, is suddenly playable now that the cards are large enough to be able to discern the suits.  Woohoo!

And the whole HD thing – uh, yeah.  Now I see what I’ve been missing.  For example, I DVR’d this concert over the weekend, and holy shit.

Iron Maiden, “Fear of the Dark”

1)  As Dys and I say, damn, can you imagine facing out to a stadium full of 50-100,000 people, all singing your songs back to you so strongly that it overpowers your amps?  What must that feeling be like?

2)  OK, now I want surround sound to go along with it, because I repeat, holy shit.

3)  My son walked in while the show was on.  “What’s that guy’s last name again?” he asked.  “Dickinson, son, Bruce Dickinson.”  “Oh.  Okay.  Thanks.”  😀


2 Responses

  1. We were exploring through the various On Demand menus this weekend and came across a music concert channel. The Scorpions were playing with the Berlin Philharmonic and they put up two of the songs – Gorky Park and Hurricane 2000. ROCKED and also AWESOME in HD and a kick-ass stereo. I’m buying the DVD, it’s on Amazon for, like, $16.00.

    Huzzah for HD!

    See, now I need the kick-ass stereo part of the equation!

  2. You get a fist bump for your entry into the new TV-land. Welcome aboard and take a seat at the table!!!!

    *knuckles out*

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