I was walking across campus this morning and I passed a tall black kid with shoulder-length dreads.  I couldn’t help thinking, “I miss that.”

Not dreads, never had those actually, but the long hair in general.  There are times that I really miss that feeling of wind in my hair.  I miss having something to slow down the sweat on humid days (like this one).  I miss being able to headbang and have some inertia there, b’gawd.  I just miss having it there.

That’s not to say I’m gonna start growing it all back out – because I don’t miss knots in my hair from driving with the window down, hair in my eyes when I’m trying to read, and I like not having to worry about helmet hair in the future.  I also recognize that being bald at my age looks a hell of a lot less pathetic than having a bitchin’ head of hair with a hairline that starts around my ears.  Hell, even Dev finally gave up on the skullet.

So yeah, I’ll go on trying not to lacerate my scalp every morning and taking a towel to the gym every day.  In the meantime, fuck it, I bought myself a new hat.  I’m putting something up there today.


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  1. There’s always wigs!

    I’ll admit, I have been tempted – but only barely.

    Every now and then Calvin gets the hankerin’ to grow his hair back out (its been varying lengths – from a flat-top a bar 1/2 inch long to nearly touching his shoulders, thorughout our relationship). Then he remembers how much he hates product and hair dryers and VOILA. A trip to the barber ensues.

    It is admittedly much less of a PITA overall to spend the extra time shaving and saving on all the combs and conditioner and blow-drying and stuff.

  2. bar = bare. eesh.

  3. I wonder how long this “hair period of mine will continue…I love the double-take I get from people that haven’t seen me in a couple of months.

    Imagine the double-take I got from my college roommates when I left in May looking like that photo, and came back in August with a buzzcut.

  4. I miss the days when most of the guys I hung out with still had their long hair. There are a few and I always feel relieved when I see young ones with longer hair…at least someone is carrying on with it. 😀

    Product? Hair dryers? I think Calvin might just be more girlie about his hair than I am. I had to dig out my hair dryer when Laura came to visit so she’d have something to use. LoL

    Obviously I was as girlie as Calvin. I used Pantene, ferfuxake.

  5. Shampoo and conditioner are one thing. I still know the guys who use the detangler, mousse and/or gel, hair spray and dryers…and…and…and…

    I can’t do it anymore. I’m fortunate though because my hair is straight (I’ve finally just given up and accepted that) and it does absolutely NOTHING but sit there on my head all low maintenance-like. So I don’t torture it and it, in turn, doesn’t fall out on me. LoL

    See, if mine had only been kind enough to return the favor by NOT falling out…

  6. When Brian’s hair fell below his shoulders, his routine was to wash it once every few days, pick it out and then go through a day or so of resembling Chewbaca while it got back to its normal curly state (threatening every time to let it “dread up.”) I know he misses it sometimes, if only for all of the adoring gazes it used to garnish him.

    Nah, I washed mine every day. And it was straight as an arrow no matter how long it got.

    If there were adoring gazes, I was too damned oblivious to notice. I got catcalled by a carload of girls once, though, and that was cool as hell. (I’m still kinda high on it 15 years later, so that should say something about how badass I felt then, huh?)

  7. See, I’ve never been into guys with long hair.

    Though I used to go out with a guy that had a mohawk that was in dreads. Now THAT was hot.

    I admit, I was tempted once or twice.

    I used to have two long thin braids behind each ear every now and then. I was really tempted to dye the braids blue or red or fuschia or something but I never did…

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