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Monday Music

Sick.  Bah.

Despite the fact that the flu is widespread in this state and the U is making all kinds of contingency plans for the assault of the H1N1, I’m 89.7% sure I just have a cold.  And I’ve worked through worse than this.  But still, because of the university’s browbeating I decided this morning to drive to work, park in my normal parking spot, and call my boss to make sure she wanted my ass in the office.  I was willing to work, but I wanted to let her make the call as to whether or not my contagious ass was at my desk.  She said as long as I had no fever, it was okay with her if I came in.

So I’m at work.  Boo. Yay!

And so while parked at my desk slamming breath mints to get that “Hey, did you notice you had a cold?”  “Why, yes, body, thank you very much.” taste out of my mouth, I figured I’d toss out the MM.

For whatever reason this song has been in my head lately – and last night as I drifted in and out of sleep (I knew I should have taken some NyQuil, but NOOO) my brain apparently latched onto it and kept replaying it over and over.  At least I like the song, huh?

Dave Matthews with Tim Reynolds, “I’ll Back You Up”

I know I’ve told this story privately but I don’t recall if I have publicly – when I was a student at UVA Dave Matthews was still a bartender at one of the local bars, and the DMB was playing frat parties and a standing gig on Tuesday nights.  I missed a big free show that they played for a party weekend my freshman year because my parents brought my girlfriend to visit that day, so I showed them around Grounds while my roommates went.

Then it was a “I should go see them – nah, maybe next week.”  Finally I decided “You know what, I’m gonna go see DMB this week” only to find out that they’d quit their weekly gig in order to record what would turn out to be Under the Table and Dreaming – and the end of weekly club gigs for them, of course.  But I already had their locally recorded and produced Remember Two Things, which is where I learned this tune.  Lovely.

(And I still can’t see that damned magic eye thing on that album cover.  I feel like the kid in Mallrats.)


5 Responses

  1. Wow, we’re living parallel lives with both our health and the way our offices are behaving. The only difference it sounds like you’re dealing with a way more levelheaded boss than I am.
    I hope you’re feeling better.
    That DMB story hurts me. A lot.

    I thought the same thing when I read your post the other day. Eesh.

    Yep, I’m feeling better. From the sound of it, I didn’t get nearly as far down as you did. Hope you’re feeling better as well!

  2. The DMB video hurts me. A lot. But for very, very different reasons. Heehee! 😉

    Hope you feel better soon!

    I can’t tell if your “hurts me” comment is sincere or snark. I’d say the default odds would be 2:1 snark. 😉

  3. I never went to their free shows either – and in fact didn’t even discover DMB until a while after I moved away from C-ville.

    Well, they WERE in bars or frat houses, mostly – so at your age at the time, probably best you didnt’!

    • Nah, they did shows at Tracks that I never went to.

      Hell, I always assumed that was a bar, 21+, or at least 18+. But being the most boring of geeks, I never actually went there.

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