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The 2009 Red Bull Indianapolis GP

As with last year, I wanted to wrap everything up in one final post to act as an index.  (Except this year we still don’t have the film developed, so there may well be one more post yet to come, but when that happens I’ll update this sucker.)

First things first:  The index.

Too Excited?

Update (6:30am on Friday)


Day One (from Dys’s blog)



Monday Music (the day after)

The Hangover

The Hangover, Part 2

Clearer Heads Prevailed

And my final thoughts about this year’s race?

First and foremost, in comparison to last year we were much more comfortable.  We still spent some time star-struck and goggling at the very spectacle of Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the whole MotoGP circus, of course.  But compared to last year we had a lot better idea of what to expect and therefore what we wanted to do, in which order.  It still didn’t diminish our (okay, my) giddiness at the whole situation.  I think Dys’s comment comparing spending the weekend with me to being with a 15-year-old boy in a room full of bare-breasted women speaks to that.

The lack of the Red Bull Rookies’ Cup riders was a bit noticeable, honestly – they provided some really cool racing action on Sunday last year on those itty-bitty little bikes.  But with all of the other classes running around, we hardly could complain.  We got to spend much more time watching each class practice, qualify, and race this year than we did last year, when fatigue got to us (okay, to Dys) way early.  This year’s cooler weather on Friday and Saturday helped.

I will say, though, what I did miss, and that’s Friday morning practice.  Dorna’s decision to cut out the morning practice sessions basically means we paid the same price for 3 hours less on-track action this year.  Nothing IMS could do about that, of course, but still, I will say that it was a bit of a bummer.  However, I will admit that it allowed us to take in the full Rider Q&A at the Riders for Health auction this year whereas we missed it last year, and that was worth its weight in gold.  I think we’ll definitely try to make it back for that one next year – maybe even in time to nab a great spot up front of the stage where all the riders might sign autographs instead of just a few really dedicated ones!

I think also next year I’ll come up with a budget for Rossi gear in the Yamaha tent.  And make Dys sign it in advance.  I’m just sayin’.

All in all, this year was a much bigger treat.  There were more people on the track on Friday, when last year it felt practically deserted; and yet the crowd on Saturday and Sunday felt much less packed than before.  The rain dampened our bodies on Friday afternoon during the practice sessions, but our spirits were as perked-up as ever.  (Except the jackhole that horned in on Dys’s space while she was photographing, but let’s not get her started.)

It was still a very large crowd of humans, yet all somehow sharing a bit of brotherhood.  Not the complete “I can’t believe this is actually happening!!” vibe from last year, but still we all laughed and smiled and complimented each other on our lanyards or hats or t-shirts.  Or, in a few cases, tattoos.  I might never get Rossi’s sun and moon designs tattooed on MY arms or legs, personally, but hey, those two guys that did have them got high-fives from me.  It had the feeling of a really huge family reunion, which I suppose in a sense it was.

Just as last year, our budget was tight and this put a huge stretch on it; and just like last year, Dys very nearly had to back out because of work.  But just like last year, from the first thirty minutes on track we were glad we’d come, and we immediately agreed to renew our hotel room and tickets for next year.  Come hell, heat, or hurricanes, we’re going back to Indy.  And just knowing that day is coming makes me smile.

Thanks for coming along for the ride, and see you next year!


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